The Receptionist check-in feature allows front desk personnel to look up a parent (or other authorized pickup person) and quickly check in the appropriate children on behalf of that person. This feature may be used in lieu of a check-in computer station where the parent would directly check children in. The two methods are not intended to be used in a mix and match fashion.

Getting There

From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting go to Functions > Attendance Tracker > Receptionist.

Receptionist Check In

At the Receptionist screen a list of authorized pick up people is displayed. When a person brings their children to the font desk a staff member will:

  1. Look up the pick up person and click once on their name to select them.
    Hint: Scroll to their name or type a few letters of their First Name or Last Name to view only people with those letters in their name. To sort alphabetically click the headings at the top of the list.
  2. Click the “Click Here” button to select the children to Check In or Check Out. The “Click Here” image will change to say “Will Be Checked In” or out.
    Note: If a child is currently checked out the only option will be to check them in and vice-versa.
  3. Confirm the Classroom and change it if needed. When checking in the Scheduled Classroom for the child will be shown. If you are not using schedules the child’s Primary Classroom will be used.
    Note: When checking out the class cannot be changed. A child may only be checked out of the classroom to which they were last checked in.
  4. Click Post to Time Card. The Child Time Card will show the authorized pick up as the person who dropped off/picked up the child.
    Note: Time Card Rounding (set in Region/School Options) does apply to in/out times entered using the Receptionist screen.

Block the Receptionist Feature

If you prefer not to use the Receptionist feature it may be blocked to prevent use by unauthorized personnel. Go to User Groups & Limits and mark limit “Receptionist” for each group.