Before checking in the very first time each pickup person (and employee) will need to register at the check-in computer.

Help New Families & Employees

You may want to help authorized pickup people (and new employees) when they first register and Check In to make sure they are comfortable with the process.

Before You Begin

Before checking in the very first time, each person (authorized child pickup or employee) will need to be issued a  Temporary Registration Number. They will need this number before they can register.


  1. At the check-in computer select the Register button and follow the on screen prompts.
  2. Depending on which Options are selected, the pickup person or employee will be asked to register one of the following items to identify themselves. More info on Check-In Methods.
    1. Their Fingerprint and password (optional–if required).
    2. A Personal ID Number (PIN) and password number of their choosing (required).
      Note: The numbers cannot be sequential (like 1234 or 4567) or repetitive (like 1111 or 2222)
      Note: The password must be different than the PIN number.
    3. A Magnetic Swipe Card (credit card, grocery club card, etc.), and password (optional–if required).

Eliminate Passwords

When using fingerprints or magnetic cards you may choose not to require a password for check in by unchecking the Require Password box within Check-In Options.

Forgot Your Password?

If a person forgets their password you may give them a new Temporary Registration Number. Then they may register to check in again.