Reimbursements are used to repay a staff member for out of pocket expenses they incur on behalf of your business. Common reimbursements includes things like mileage and school supplies. Although not as common, this feature might also be used to add nontaxable income to a check such as a housing allowance for a pastor. Ask your tax adviser for advice before using the reimbursements feature in this manner.

Getting There

Look up an Employee and click the Reimbursements icon (ledger) on the toolbar.

Set Up Reimbursements

The Employee Standard Reimbursements screen is the place to set up frequent or recurring reimbursements made to this employee. If this is a one time reimbursement you may add it directly to their check at the time the Check is Calculated.

  1. To add a new reimbursement click the top (blank) line and select an Expense Account from your Chart of Accounts such as 5005.00 School Supplies or 5800.00 Travel.
  2. Enter a Comment (optional) to describe this reimbursement.
  3. If the Amount is usually the same each paycheck enter it as the standard. If the amount varies, or this item is only reimbursed occasionally enter zero.
  4. Then tap Enter (on your keyboard) to add it to the list and create a new blank line.
  5. Continue adding additional reimbursements categories. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order as needed then click Save > Exit.
    Note: The reimbursements listed here will be automatically imported to each paycheck for this person. You may change the amount as needed at that time.