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System Requirements

Compatibility Check

Run the compatibility check for Procare version 10.3 on each computer that will use Procare.

Computer Requirements

For Procare Cloud customers, please use requirements for a “client” computer.



  • Minimum 1.4 gigahertz (GHz) x86 (32-bit) for client.
  • Recommended for client (required for server) 2.0 gigahertz (GHz) or better x64 (64-bit) processor.


  • Minimum 1 gigabyte (GB).
  • Recommended 2 gigabyte (GB).

Hard Drive (available disk space)

  • Minimum 2 GB for a full install, 1 GB for a client.
  • Recommended 4 GB for a full install, 1 GB for a client.

Network Card

  • A network Card (NIC) is required for installation.


  • Procare (client): 1024×768, 16-bit color (or higher), 12” screen (or larger).
  • Check-in computer (client): 800×576, 256 colors (or higher), 8” screen (or larger).

Operating System:

Procare is compatible with the following 64-bit and 32-bit versions of Windows for client computers (servers require 64-bit).

Important Notes about Windows

  • Windows Updates! Please be sure all Windows updates have been installed prior to installing Procare.
  • Domain Controllers! Do NOT install Procare on a domain controller (DC). See: Microsoft KB2032911.
  • Windows Betas: Beta versions of Windows are NOT supported.

Application / Database Requirements

  • .Net Framework 4.7.1
  • SQL Native Client 11.3.6500
  • SQL 2008 SP2 (SQL Express Edition distributed with Procare version 10.2)
  • SQL 2014 (SQL Express Edition distributed with Procare version 10.3 – expected spring 2018)

Using Your Own SQL Database

  • Your Own Database: (Optional) You may use your own SQL database. Procare will work with SQL 2008 R2, 2012, 2014 and 2016. (Important! Procare 10.3 will require SQL 2014 or 2016 – expected spring 2018)
  • Support for Your Database: When using your own database, support is very limited. Procare Support cannot act as your database administrator (DBA). You are responsible for access and permissions to your database.
  • File Location: Procare is installed to the ‘Program Files’ directory on drive C of the local machine; for example C:\Program Files\Procare. For the non-Cloud version of Procare, if you are using your own SQL Server, the database will install to the default location configured within SQL.

Apple / Mac Computers

Procare is a Windows application. You can utilize a program like Parallels to create a virtual Windows PC on your Apple PC, and that will allow you to install Procare. Also, you can use a program called Boot Camp to set up a separate partition for Windows to utilize Procare. See: Will Procare run on my Mac? Note: Your support will be limited if you set Procare up this way.

Procare Cloud

Procare Cloud is a service that stores your data on our cloud servers.

  • Required Internet Connection: a high speed broadband (cable, fiber, DSL) connection. Satellite and other forms of wireless internet (including cell phone hot spots) aren’t stable enough for Procare to function properly on the cloud.
  • Required ping rates and bandwidth:
    • Maximum ping rate to Southern Oregon: 120ms
    • Minimum available bandwidth: 1.5 Mbps/download, 0.5 Mbps/upload
Classroom Cameras! Cameras that broadcast through the internet will drastically affect your available bandwidth. This must be taken into account when considering whether Procare will function optimally. In some cases, a separate internet connection may be necessary.








Mobile Devices

The KidReports App (requires Procare Cloud) and works with:

    • iOS 10.3.3 or higher (iPads, iPhones)
    • Android tablets & phones
    • Amazon Fire tablets (Kindle Fire, FireOS)
    • Desktop computers (through your browser)

Tablets must have at least 16GB of storage capacity.

Mobile Web Apps for Procare also require Procare Cloud.








Security Features

See additional information on Security for Tuition Express, Procare Cloud and MyProcare.

  • Centralized database capability (multiple locations hosted in the same database)
  • Requires Procare client software to access the database – not exposed through a simple file share or Remote desktop connection (RDP).
  • Database does not store any credit card or bank account numbers. These are stored separately on a different server.
  • Hierarchical configuration with granular control over User Groups and permissions.
  • Passwords are created by each individual user (not by a supervisor) and are never visible to anyone.
  • System Supervisor can see who’s logged in and kick users off system (or send log off requests).

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Need Some Training?

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Need Some Training?

Schedule some time with a Procare Training Specialist.

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