Use the Review button to see or print a child’s schedule or activities in a weekly, monthly, or daily format.

Getting There

There are several ways to get to the Review screen, depending on whether you are reviewing a child’s schedule or activities.

Schedule Review / Activity Review

On the Schedule Review (or Activity Review) screen you’ll have the following options.

View Month, Week, Day
By default you’ll see a weekly calendar view. To toggle between monthly, daily and weekly views click the View Month, View Day or View Week button. The button changes each time you click.


Month-by-Month Calendar
An at-a-glance monthly overview always appears on the right. Scheduled days are shown in bold. Click a day to see details for that day. Click the number next to a week (like week 39) to see the week at-a-glance.


Print the View
Click Print to generate a Print Preview screen showing the schedule in the current viewing format (weekly, monthly or daily).


Color Coded Days
Color coding helps you quickly see any days outside the norm.

Color Applies to: Comment
Light Gray, White Schedules and Activities Normal Scheduled Day. Color varies depending on color scheme set at the User Configuration screen.
Medium Blue Schedules Only Override (schedule varies from the norm)
Red Schedules Only Absence (child gone entire day)
Pale Blue Schedules and Activities School Closed Day (Holiday) – Note of closure appears in the date heading. Treated as a day without a schedule.