Schedule Templates and standard sets of arrival and departure times are associated with a particular classroom, like Preschool 8:00 am to 11:30 am. Templates save you time if multiple children have the same or similar schedules.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Data Management > Scheduling > dbl-click Schedule Templates.
    Note: If you have multiple locations you’ll set up Schedule Templates for each one. To change locations click once on Schedule Templates (to select it) then click Change School and choose a location. With the appropriate location selected dbl-click Schedule Templates.

Create & Manage Templates

Name Your Templates

    1. At the Schedule Templates screen click the Manage > New.
    2. Enter a Template Name like “Preschool – MWF” and click Save. Continue adding new Template Names clicking Save after each one.
    3. For Cloud customers, you may choose to allow parents to schedule their children with certain templates you check for use in MyProcare:
      Set schedule templates for parents to choose in MyProcare
    4. When you are finished adding Templates click Exit.
    5. At the Manage Templates screen you may use the Up & Down arrows to change their order. Click Exit once more. You’ll return to the Schedule Templates screen.

    Put Days and Times into Templates

    1. At the Schedule Templates screen click the Template Name (left side) like “Preschool – MWF” to select it.
    2. To set up the schedule select a Classroom Name like “Preschool” or “Miss Mary’s Room”.
    3. Choose the first Day for this schedule like Monday and enter the In and Out times then tap Enter. A new line appears for you to set up the next day.
      Note 1: Use the Spacebar to quickly enter time, like 8 [spacebar] 30 [spacebar] A for 8:30 AM.
      Note 2: Use Copy Day to quickly repeat information for the next day. Tap Enter to get a new blank line then click Copy Day.
    4. When all days for this template are complete click Save. Repeat for other templates then click Exit.