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Set backups to occur automatically on specified days and times.

Getting There…

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Utilities > Database Backup/Restore.
  2. Select the Schedule tab (top right).

Schedule Your Backups to Run Automatically

On the Schedule tab:

  1. Check the Enable Backup Schedule box.
  2. Choose a time of day and the days of the week you want the backup to run.
    Best Practice: Select a time of day when the computer will be running, however if for some reason the scheduled backup is missed, it  will run automatically the next time the computer is turned on.  A typical schedule might be each weekday at 6:30 p.m. The backup program will run in the background so you are not interrupted while using Procare.
  3. Click Save > Exit.
    Important! A maximum of 7 backups are stored at any one time. See Archive and Restore for details.

Make a Copy of the Backup

The backup files are stored in the folder C:\Program Files\Procare\Server\Backups on your main computer. It is best practice to make an external copy of this folder in case of a catastrophic computer failure.  To do this you may:

  1. Manually copy the Backups folder to an external drive,
  2. Automatically Copy Backups
  3. Use third-party automated backup software (like Carbonite) to make the copy.

Recover Your Data

When you restore data you replace everything currently in Procare with whatever you had at the time the backup was made. See how to Make or Restore a Backup.