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Search across all locations for an employee. This is especially useful if you manage multiple child care locations and need to determine the locations to which a staff member belongs.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Search All Locations > Employee Search.

Search for an Employee

  1. From the “Find” list choose the category you want to search including: employee, employee relationship, address or phone.
  2. From the “That” list choose to search for anything that Contains whatever you type for a search, or only an item that Starts With your entry.
    Example: Searching for a first name that Starts With “t” might return Tom, Tina and Trevor, while searching for anything that Contains “t” might return those as well as Brett, Martin and Elizabeth.
  3. Type in the thing for which you are searching (for example the person’s last name, or just a few letters of their name) and click Find.
  4. People that match your criteria will be displayed showing the School Name (location) where they may be found.
  5. Dbl-click the person’s name in the Results to go to their screen.