When you export data from Procare v10 and import it to another computer some settings are excluded. In other words, not everything comes over with the import. This process is most often used when moving Procare from a local installation to the Procare Cloud or vice versa.

What is Not Part of the Import?

The following settings are not imported when moving from one Procare v10 installation to another. This does NOT apply to importing data from Procare version 9. See the Version 9 Conversion Chart instead.

  • User Groups and Limitations: The names of the groups and limits placed on the groups will need to be re-established after importing.
  • User Group Assignments: By default, all users will be assigned to the System Supervisor group. You’ll want to change that so each person is set to the appropriate group. See: Procare Users
  • Passwords for Procare Users: Passwords cannot be exported or imported. An existing user (someone in the system before the import was done) who is at the System Supervisor level, will need to log in and reset each person’s password. See: Supervisor Reset
  • Security Questions: After logging in for the first time (after import) each user will need to re-select their security questions and answers.
  • Region / School Options: All settings in the Region & School Options screens will need to be re-established. This can be done before or after you import; the import will not update or change these settings.
  • Family Accounting: If you use Tuition Express, and the center’s Tuition Express (TE) account number changed, you’ll need to collect new forms and re-enter the TE information for each family before you can process new TE batches.
  • Family Accounting:Standard Amounts will import for all descriptions that don’t already have an amount listed.
  • Letter Merge: Letters are not imported.
  • Data Viewer: Views created in Data Viewer are not imported.
  • Report Criteria: Saved report settings such as the Filter, Report Header, Group and Sort are not imported.
  • Check In Messages: Messages people see when they check in are not imported.
  • Payroll Checks: If any Employee Works in More than One Location and their paychecks affect multiple locations ($500 for hours worked at location 1 and $300 for location 2), then:
    • Version 10.2.4461 and lower: No payroll data will be exported for anyone! It would be necessary to make Year to Date Payroll Entries.
    • Versions higher than 10.2.4461: No payroll data will be imported for the people who work in multiple locations, but data for all other employees imports fine.
  • Expenses & Ledger:
    • Beginning Balances: Overall beginning balances would need to be re-entered for each Region.
    • Vendor Checks & Journal Entries: Postings in the Expenses & Ledger module that affect more than one location ($50 to location 1 and $100 to location 2) will need to be re-entered. A list of the check numbers and vendor names is provided during export.
  • User Settings: Things specific to each Procare User like Dashboard settings, color scheme, filter settlings, and custom layouts for Family Data are not imported.
  • Machine Specific Options: Setting for that particular computer (machine), such as the Receipt Printer, Documents Folder, etc. will need to be re-established.
  • Text Messaging Networks: Any custom wireless providers you had manually added are not imported.
  • Meal Tracker: On the Reimbursement Amounts screen, the number of Main Meals Allowed Per Day (usually 2) and Meals and Supplements Allowed per Day (usually 3) are not imported. In most cases they should be left at the default settings.