Depending on which Procare modules you are using you may print a variety of different reports such roll call sheets, birthday lists, immunization and scheduling reports (some with graphs), customer statements, attendance sheets, meal counts, menus, tax deposit information, overall financial reports and so forth.

Getting There

From the main screen of any module, like Family Data & Accounting, click the Reports menu (toward the top left) and select Standard Reports.
Note: You may also be interested in Data Viewer where you select fields to include in your own custom view.

Select, Sort and Filter Reports

  1. At the Report Setup screen several primary categories of reports may be listed like Family Data, Family Accounting, etc. Click the plus sign (+) next to a primary category (like Family Data) to expand the list.
  2. Secondary categories of reports will be shown such as Account Information, Address Labels, Child Enrollment, Sign In/Out Sheets, etc. Click the plus sign (+) next to a secondary category like Sign In/Out Sheets.
  3. Various types of reports may be shown within the category. Select the report you wish to run such as the “Weekly: 5 Day, Schedule, Initials” sign in sheet. Reports that have the word “Schedule” in the title require the child to have a current schedule in order to be included on the report.
    A brief description of the selected report appears in the bottom left corner.
  4. Search & Find: You may also search for a report by name—such as all reports with the word “enroll” (image below). Just press Ctrl+F on your keyboard, type a word, and choose Find. That word will be highlighted to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.
    Press Ctrl+F to Search
  5. Some reports have the following options:
    1. To include only certain children or families click the Filter button (right side) and select the criteria of your choice such as only children enrolled as of a certain date.
    2. The Report Header prints near the top of the report and is useful on things like roll call sheets to indicate the week.
    3. You must select a Date Range on certain reports such as those that include child schedules. Choose dates that makes sense for the report. For a weekly report select the appropriate week.
    4. The Group & Sort feature is available on some reports. You may Group By a category like Primary Classroom to control the page break (each class on a separate page). Then choose to Sort By an item like Child’s Name (to list children alphabetically).
      Hint: To get an alphabetical list that is not broken down by classroom choose to Group By “None” and Sort By “Child’s Name”.
    5. Include Child’s Date of Birth is available on some reports, like roll call and sign-in sheets.
  6. Optional: To use the same Filter, Date Range, Sorting, etc., each time you run the report, click Save Settings. To remove them click Clear Settings.
  7. Click Run Report (lower right).
  8. At the Report Viewer screen you may:
    1. Use the toolbar at the top to move through the pages, zoom in & out, or search for something on that page.
    2. Click the Printer icon (upper left) to Print the report.
    3. Click the Export icon (top left) to export to another format like a spreadsheet, word processor or PDF file.
  9. On some reports you may see the phrase “Double-click to expand section” when you hover over an item on the Report Viewer screen. Just dbl-click to get more detail on that item. This is sometimes referred to as a drill down report.
  10. To close the report click the X in the upper right corner.

Specific or Individual Report

Occasionally you might like to print a report for just one account or child. You may print reports from the following locations.  Click the drop down options arrow next to the Report button to choose from various formats.