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Answers to Specific Questions

Toll-free technical support is available to answer specific trouble shooting, installation and product related questions for all current versions of Procare Software. Procare makes a distinction between technical support and training. Questions of a broad nature (e.g. step-by-step walk-throughs, general use of the software, set up specific to your unique situation, etc.) are considered training calls. See Custom Training (below) and What to Expect when you Call Support.

Maintain a Current Version

Software changes over time to adapt to continuous advancements in technology. Therefore, Procare supports only current product versions; those released within the last twelve months. In order to receive free support you must maintain a current version of Procare. This means purchasing an annual update of your software which includes a twelve-month subscription to the online update service (allowing you to download the latest features and enhancements), as well as access to toll-free technical support.

Call us at 800-338-3884 to order your annual update—or become a Procare Cloud customer (you’re always on the latest version with no annual update fees!).

Free Learning Tools

ProcareSupport.com offers a number of Free Learning Tools to help you get the most from your child care management software.

Custom Training

One hour of free training is included with your first-time purchase of Procare. Additional custom training is available, for a modest fee, for those situations when you would like in-depth consultation and one-on-one help in the set up and use of Procare. Just share your computer desktop with an experienced Procare instructor for a true hands-on learning experience. Your active participation is the key to successful learning.

Visit Procare Training or search for “custom training” on ProcareSupport.com for details.