How to set up shortcuts for Procare Check-In within a virtual desktop environment (such as Terminal Services) or as a published app.

Check-In Program for Multiple Locations

If you are running Procare Check-In software (CheckInNet.exe) in a virtual desktop environment or using published apps and intend to let people check into different locations, you’ll need to a way to launch Check-In for the appropriate “school” in Procare.

  1. Set up Check-In one of two ways:
    1. Separate Desktops/Separate Shortcuts
    2. Publish the App Multiple Times
  2. At the Check-In Options screen: Set the Default Location.
  3. To launch the program, each user dbl-clicks their Check-In icon.

Separate Desktops/Separate Shortcuts

With this approach, each user in the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) environment (such as Terminal Services/Citrix) must have their own desktop, not a shared desktop. Add a unique identifier to the Target of the Check-In shortcut for each location. If you had locations in several cities, you could add abbreviations to the end of the shortcut Target line to indicate the location, like this:

Medford Location: “C:\program files\procare\client\checkinnet.exe” mdf
Salem Location: “C:\program files\procare\client\checkinnet.exe” slm
Portland Location: “C:\program files\procare\client\checkinnet.exe” pdx

Important: The target ends in a quotation mark. There must be a space between the quote mark and the unique identifier, which is outside the quotes (image below). The identifier cannot have spaces and is limited to 65 characters.

Publish App Multiple Times

If Application Deployment software is used, such as Microsoft Terminal Services Remote Apps or Citrix XenApp, the command line argument will need to be set for each custom deployment of the Check-In program. The command line argument is a variable used to store settings for Check-In. You may use any naming convention as long as there are no spaces. Here’s an example:

Medford Location: command line argument = mdf
Salem Location: command line argument = slm
Portland Location: command line argument = pdx
In this case, the Check-In application would need to be published 3 times to cover all sites and then be distributed to the appropriate locations.

Set Default Location through Check-In Options

  1. Dbl-click the Check-In shortcut to open the Check-In screen.
  2. Dbl-click anywhere in the gray border area around the logo (or press Esc on your keyboard) then click Options.
  3. At the top under School Info select the location people will check into with this shortcut.
  4. Click Exit to return to the Check-In screen. To get to the desktop, dbl-click in the gray border area around the Check In screen (or press the Esc key on the keyboard) to bring up the choices of Cancel, Options, and Exit.
  5. Click Exit.