Choose a training topic and book a time slot. These are individual training sessions just for you. See also: Training for Procare Select.

PLEASE book just one session to start with. If you believe you’ll need additional sessions, talk to us about it during your training. For you to have a consistent experience, we’ll try to arrange any follow up sessions with the same training specialist.

Topic 1: KidReports – Director

Learn how to set up your KidReports account including customization of activities and other settings that affect what teachers in the classrooms can use when recording events. Length: 60 minutes.
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Topic 2: KidReports – Teacher

Learn how to use the KidReports teacher application in the classroom including recording events. Length: 45 minutes.
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Topic 3: KidReports – Lite

Learn how to use the Lite edition of KidReports to choose overall settings and record events in the classroom. Length: 45 minutes.
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Email or call 1 (800) 338-3884 extension #2213 to leave a voice mail for the Training Team. We look forward to working with you.