Choose a training topic and book a time slot. These are individual training sessions just for you.

Topic 1: Convert from Another System

Learn what to do after you convert from another management system, including steps to clean up your already converted data, enter new families, set up recurring fees, email statements, run reports and more.
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Topic 2: Family & Child Information

For anyone new to Procare, learn how to enter families, add children and classrooms, track information, send email and text messages, and more.
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Topic 3: Family Billing & Accounting

Learn to set up recurring tuition charges, family discounts, and late pickup fees. We’ll also cover how to email statements, print financial reports and more.
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Topic 4: Agency Accounting/Subsidized Care

Learn how to handle family co-pays and agency payments for subsidized care.
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Topic 5: Time & Attendance Tracking

Discover various ways for children and staff to check in/out. We’ll also cover bus runs, attendance reports and more.
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Topic 6: MyProcare Parent Portal

For Cloud customers: Learn to set up online registration, let parents access information, choose schedules, and make mobile payments.
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Topic 7: Employee Information & Time Cards

Learn about employee time cards, schedules, benefit hours, and information tracking.
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Topic 8: Payroll Check Calculation

Learn to set up withholdings, calculate paychecks, and run tax deposit and 941 reports. We’ll also discuss options to print payroll checks or create a direct deposit file for your bank.
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Topic 9: Expenses & Ledger/Accounts Payable

Learn to set up vendors, record expenses, reconcile bank accounts, set up a budget, and run overall financal reports.
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