Using and closing the Transaction Summary as an audit report.


The Transaction Summary report is a chronological listing of all Family Accounting transactions captured in the order they were entered into Procare. Periodically you may close this report to provide a mechanism for regular accounting period reviews and audits, for example Monthly. The report includes the Created date, which is the computer system date the entry was made in Procare, in addition to the User, Post Date, Account, Ledger, Description, Comment, Amount. The Void column will indicate both the void transaction and the original transaction, with a small arrow indicating the matching transaction is either forward or backward chronologically.

Note: If the date selected for closing a report separates an original transaction from a void of that transaction, the original and void transactions will appear on separate reports. For example, the original entry was last month, but voided this month, and the report was closed at the end of last month.

Getting There

To access the Transaction Summary report go to Functions > Family Accounting >  Transaction Summary.

View Current

Click the View Current button to get a list of all transactions that have not been closed. This will be all transactions since the last time the Close Current function was used.

View Selected

To view a previously closed report, highlight the report line and click View Selected.

Close Current

Use the Close Current button to closes the current report which increments the report number to the next sequential number.