How to transition from version 9.1 to v10.

Already Using v10?

If you’re already using some modules in Procare v10, such as Family Data & Accounting or Employee Data & Payroll, then you’re in good shape.

Still Doing Everything in Version 9.1?

If you haven’t yet installed any components of v10 now is the time to start learning. We strongly encourage you to get started early, rather than waiting until the first of the year when call volume is at peak levels. You can choose when to actually go live in v10. Follow the steps below.

Practice Makes Perfect

We recommend you Practice in v10 prior to going “live”. This way you can experience and learn v10 while having the comfort of using 9.1 for day to day data entry. This practice period can be a few days or a few weeks depending on when you feel ready to move permanently to v10.

    1. You may Install v10 with version 9.1 on the same computer. They can run side by side without conflict.
    2. Make a blank Backup of v10 prior to entering data. This will provide you with a clean starting point once you are done practicing.
    3. Prepare your Data in version 9.1 then Convert from 9.1 to v10.
      What Converts? See the Conversion Chart for a list of information that converts to v10.
    4. Continue working in version 9.1 while you practice in v10. Try some of the same things in v10 that you’re doing in 9.1 such as adding a new family, setting up Billing Boxes and running Automated Billing.

When to Go Live

Contrary to popular belief going live at the start of the year is not ideal since call volume is at peak levels and you may find it more difficult to reach the Procare Support team with questions. It would be better to go live late in the year (say December) or perhaps at the end of February or beginning of March in the new year.

    1. Restore your blank v10 backup so you have a clean starting point.
    2. Convert your current data from version 9.1.
      Note: Payroll cannot be converted separately from Employee Data. If you previously converted Employee Data you can simply enter Year to Date Payroll entries to catch up each person’s payroll history for the year.
    3. For a short period continue using version 9.1 side by side with v10. If you add a family, add them in both versions. If you post a check, post it in both versions and compare results. As you become comfortable, transition out of version 9.1 so all your work is done in v10 only.
      Remember you’ll need to set up some things in v10 after the conversion, like Child Billing Boxes and Emergency Contacts. See Setup Data After Conversion.

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