How to update the credit card information you have on file with Procare.

Change or Update the Credit Card on File

    1. Go to the Procare Online Store in either of the following ways:
      1. Preferred: From your Procare Home screen choose Help > Procare Store Website. This will log you into the store automatically.
      2. Optional: Go to, enter your Installation Key Number and choose Login. See: Where to find my Installation Key.
    2. Once you are logged into the Procare Store, choose My Account (upper left).
    3. At the My Account screen, select whether you wish to update the credit card used for the Procare Cloud or for other Purchases (left side), which includes payment plans for software and hardware. Each card must be updated separately.
      Note 1: The “Card for Procare Cloud” will only appear if you are a Procare Cloud customer.
      Note 2: Card information for orders placed directly through the online store is entered separately, at the time you check out.
    4. Enter the required information and check the box that your are “authorized to use this credit card”.
    5. Be sure to click Submit (lower right).
    6. Optional: If you need to update the other card (for the Procare Cloud service or for Purchases), select it (left side) and repeat.
    7. Optional: If you account has been suspended, wait 30 minutes after completing the step above (for the information to update), then double-click on the globe icon in the Procare News bar to refresh the news feed.

      Click Yes to confirm.

      Close out of Procare, and then re-open it. Your Procare should now be fully active.