Your Procare and KidReports accounts are connected and synchronized for interactive performance. This article explains what data syncs from Procare to KidReports so you know exactly what will be updated and where the data must be captured.

Your center first goes through an onboarding process for KidReports which identifies the family members, children, employees and rooms that you want to appear in KidReports. Key to that process is the activation of the data sync between your Procare and KidReports account so that your data remains up to date and synced with Procare.

The sync is one way—from Procare to KidReports– It occurs overnight and includes new and edited information for Family members, children, teachers, and rooms.

If you want to make changes to family members, children, teachers, or rooms, then you must make those changes in Procare so they can be synced and retained in KidReports.
KidReports prohibits updates to most synced fields to ensure that the systems match; however, there are some fields for Family Members that are editable. For that reason, you should always make changes within Procare and allow the change to sync. If you do have a change that needs to be reflected immediately, then you can manually sync your account once every 4 hours, or you may contact KidReports Tech Support to manually sync for you.

Administrators in KidReports

Just one Administrator syncs from Procare to KidReports and that is the original School Director set up when you entered your school information in Procare.  You can update the Director name and email in Procare by going to:

Procare Home then go to Configuration/System/Locations & Users/Regions & Schools. Click on the School name then click Edit which opens the Edit School Information dialogue.

Update the Director Name and Email address and these fields will sync to KidReports to update the original Administrator.

Synced School Director fields


In KidReports, go to Settings/Administrators to see all Admins set up for your account, and you’ll see the Director set up there. Additional KidReports Admins can only be set up in KidReports on the Administrators page and will not be affected by the overnight sync.

Admin in KidReports


Let’s update a teacher profile. In Procare, go to Employee Data & Payroll to access teacher profiles. Select the teacher from the Name menu at left then click on the Work History icon.

Teacher profiles will sync only if they show a Start Date, a status of Currently Employed, and are assigned a Primary Work Area. You can assign the Primary Work Area by going to Information & Relationships and select the room from the menu at upper right.

Procare Teacher employment status


Employee Information

To deactivate or archive a teacher in KidReports, go to your Procare account and change the status to anything but Currently Employed and show a Termination date. On the next sync, the teacher will be archived in KidReports.

Teacher Employment Status

You can confirm in KidReports after the sync by going to Teachers and then go to the upper right and click on Archive.

KidReports Archive View Selected

The teacher should appear in the archive view and show the account as disabled.

KidReports shows teacher deactivated

KidReports Teacher appears as deactivated and archived


Payers and Family Members

Family Data & Accounting in Procare includes Family members and children in the same view. KidReports separates that information into two pages: Family Members and Children.

The family member must appear as a Payer in Procare to trigger them to sync into KidReports.
You can see the parent or family member role by going to Account Information and see who appears as a Payer.

Primary Payer

The key data that syncs to KidReports for Family Members is Name, email, mobile phone (if indicated), and attached children. Other settings in the Family Member account in KidReports is auto-generated upon sync.

Remove Payer in Procare

Mobile phone number and carrier is an additional field often used in KidReports that permits parents to receive notifications by text message. The text feature in KidReports is limited to notifications only; however, it syncs from the Text Message field on the Person Information page in Procare—it does not use the phone fields on the person profile!

Go to Person Information and click on the Text Message button. Add the carrier and phone to that field and save. The mobile phone will sync to KidReports in the next sync.

Source for Mobile number in KidReports


Children will sync to KidReports as long as they have an active enrollment date. Active meaning that the enrollment is at least the current date and they have a primary room assignment.

Procare Child Enrollment Status

When they sync to KidReports, they appear on the Children page as Active, and should be attached to family members.

KidReports Child Enrollment Status

If a child does not appear on the Children page, go to the upper right and switch to Archive view to see if they synced over but were Archived.

This can happen if the child’s enrollment status was changed to anything but enrolled. You would make the change in Procare and the child should appear correctly following the next sync.


Child attendance does sync from Procare to KidReports, and that sync happens immediately upon saving; however, Children must be checked in using one of the methods below to ensure that attendance syncs to KidReports.

First, the parent may sign the child in or out through a kiosk using the keypad or fingerprint, and the parent name will appear on attendance in KidReports.

Second, the center staff can sign in or out the child through the Receptionist function and the parent name also appears in KidReports.  This image is from KidReports on the child profile for Wendy Adams.

Shows KidReports child attendance on child profile

Third, Center Batch Check-in or out or transfer by the center also syncs immediately upon posting but shows the name of the staff person who did the check in rather than the parent.

You can confirm a child’s attendance by going to your KidReports Mobile Application, select the room then click on the Attendance tab. Attendance is reflected immediately, but you may need to click the sync button at top center to see updates to Attendance status.

Shows child attendance in Teacher App

Schedules in Procare

Some synchronizations affect how KidReports displays data. There are times when a child is checked in and is immediately transitioned to a different classroom from their primary room. This happens when the child’s profile shows a schedule for a room other than their assigned primary room.

You can see this in Procare by going to the family account. Click on the child profile, then click on Schedule then Review.

You’ll see a schedule with multiple times and rooms. If the child was checked in during the time for the alternate room, then they will be automatically transitioned in KidReports to that room.

Schedule in Procare

Manual Sync

If you have a KidReports Standard account, then you have the option of running a manual sync of your account every 4 hours should you need to update your Procare data into KidReports before the scheduled overnight sync.

Go to the Utilities link at top and scroll over Import then select Procare Cloud Sync. When that page opens, click on the blue button that says Sync PCCloud now.

Utilities link in KidReports to select Procare Cloud Sync

Click the Refresh link above the button until the time stamp for your sync shows a green checkmark at left.

On that same page, you can review the results of any sync by clicking on the Show Details link at right.

The report opens in a new browser window and shows what synced and the status of what was done for synced items.

Sync PCCloud Now button

These are the key fields that sync from Procare to KidReports and basic instruction for updating those fields in Procare.