Assign User Groups to allow the appropriate level of access to the Minute Menu utility.

User Groups / Security Settings

There are 3 User Group categories that control how a person may use the Minute Menu utility. Assign the appropriate one to each Procare User.

    1. System Supervisor: May access settings for all locations.
    2. Minute Menu Admin (optional): You may create a User Group named “Minute Menu Admin”. People in this group have access only to the locations to which they have been exposed. They are like a System Supervisor within Minute Menu, but not in other parts or Procare.
    3. Any other User Group: Anyone belonging to another User Group, like Director or Assistant Director, may review and transmit data (but not Configure Centers) for the location to which they are logged in.
      Note: To block access to other groups place a check next to User Limit 10.70.50 (Utilities, Procare Extras, Minute Menu). See: User Groups & Limits