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Learn how to download and and use the optional 1099 software compatible with Procare’s Expenses & Ledger module.

IMPORTANT! Changes Beginning in Tax Year 2020

  • Beginning with tax year 2020, the IRS now requires two 1099 forms: first, the 1099-Misc which you likely have used in the past, and second, the 1099-NEC for vendors with non-employee compensation. If you have vendors in each category (1099-Misc and 1099-NEC) then you will need to purchase, and print separately, both types of forms. The Procare 1099 software is compatible with both forms.
  • The deadline to file Forms 1099-NEC and 1099-MISC are subject to change from year to year. All important dates are fully documented in the IRS publication. See: IRS Instructions.

Before You Begin

Since the 1099 software is part of the W2 software, please follow the W2 Instructions for how to install, what types of forms to purchase, and your responsibilities.

1099s go by “Print Date”

NOTICE: 1099s are based on the Print Date (date of issue) of each check, rather than the Post Date (date of entry). This is intended to accurately reflect the point at which a vendor received income. This means that:

  • Checks posted in 2020, but printed in 2021 will be included on 2020 1099s.
  • Checks posted in 2021, but not printed until 2022 will be excluded, since they will be counted as 2022 income.

Create Vendor Tracking in Procare

Create Vendor Tracking Items
Before using the 1099 software, you must create tracking items (within Procare) and assign them to the appropriate vendors. Learn how to Create Tracking Items.

  1. Create a Tracking Group called something like “1099 Categories”. The Group Type should be “Single Item” so a vendor may be assigned just one item. Within the group create three Tracking Items as follows:
    Rent – Use this item to mark any Vendor who might require a 1099-Misc for payments associated with Rent.
    Other Income – Use this item to mark any Vendors who might require a 1099-Misc for payments associated with Other Income.
    Nonemployee Comp – Use this item to mark any Vendors who might require a 1099-NEC for payments associated with Nonemployee Compensation.
  2. To assign a tracking item go to the Expenses & Ledger module.
    1. Look Up the Vendor (so their name is highlighted).
    2. Click the tracking icon on the toolbar.
    3. Then mark the appropriate 1099 category for this vendor (if any).

1099 Instructions

Getting There

Once the software is installed and activated, from the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > W2s and 1099s.

IRS Instructions

Click the 1099 Instructions button to view or print instructions from the IRS.

Choose Tracking Codes

Within the 1099 software you’ll choose the tracking items (codes) created above.

  1. From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > W-2s and 1099s.
  2. At the main screen of the W-2 / 1099 Program click Choose Tracking Categories.
  3. At the Map 1099 Boxes screen:
    1. Select the Vendor Tracking Category (or group) created above like “1099 Categories”.
      Choose Vendor Tracking Group (Category)
    2. For each box select the Tracking Item that goes with it.
      Map Vendor Tracking for 1099s
    3. The “Include vendors where this minimum amount has been paid” box should normally be left to the default value which may change each year.
    4. Click Exit. This will import data from the Expenses & Ledger module to the 1099’s.

Review & Edit 1099’s

You must review the 1099’s for accuracy. You may also make any manual changes, if needed.

  1. Click Form 1099 Review and Edit and review the boxes for each vendor by selecting their name (left side).
    If none of your vendors are required to receive 1099’s the screen will come up blank. This would happen if none were marked for Rents, Other Income, or Nonemployee Compensation; or payments to them did not exceed the dollar threshold needed.
  2. Make any manual changes as needed, for example you can change a number or type data in another box. Use the BACKSPACE key (on your keyboard) to remove existing information from a box.
  3. Click New Vendor if you need to issue a 1099 to a vendor who is not already in Procare. If you add a vendor this way, they are included for 1099’s only and are not saved within the Expenses & Ledger module.
  4. If you are reporting state information select the state for box 17. To add additional states click Exit once, then click the Sate ID numbers button and choose Add State. When finished, return to the Form 1099 edit screen.
  5. When you have reviewed all your 1099’s and are satisfied with their accuracy, click Exit.

Print Forms 1099-Misc, 1096 Summary, 1099-NEC

  1. Click Print 1099’s and 1096.
  2. Select your Printer.
  3. Choose a Font. The IRS recommends 12 point Courier.
  4. Click Test 1099-MISC. You may print the sample on an actual 1099-Misc or on plain, white paper. If using plain paper hold the sample page up to the light against a real 1099 form to check for proper alignment.
  5. Optional: Check “Show Print Rectangles” to include rectangular boxes around each item on the test page. This may help you to better test the alignment.

    Note: Do not use a photo copy of the 1099 as a test page. Most copiers will magnify the page and the copy will not be the exact size of the original.
  6. If needed, click Adjust Printer to modify your printer alignment then print another test page. Use the Left/Right and Up/Down arrows (on screen) to make any needed adjustments. Positive numbers move the print area down or to the right. Negative numbers move the print area up or to the left.
  7. Ready to print? If you have vendors who will receive a 1099-Misc, place the first set of 1099-Misc forms in your printer, for example “Copy A”. Click the 1099-MISC’s printer button. There is no print preview. The forms will print immediately. Repeat for “Copy B”, then “Copy C”, etc.
    Print 1099-Misc
  8. If you have vendors who will receive a 1099-NEC, place the first set of 1099-Misc forms in your printer, for example “Copy A”. Click the 1099-NEC’s printer button. There is no print preview. The forms will print immediately. Repeat for “Copy B”, then “Copy C”, etc.
    Print 1099-NEC
  9. Place the 1096 summary form in your printer. Click the 1096 printer button. Review the totals on screen. You cannot make changes at this point. Click Print. Note: There are two buttons labeled “1096” (one next to the 1099-MISC and another next to the 1099-NEC; however you only need to print them once. The information is the same.)
    Print 1096
    Congratulations, your 1099s are complete!