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Procare’s Parent Engagement is intended to be used along with Procare Desktop for your complete child care management solution. Data about students, parents, staff and pickups automatically syncs from Procare Desktop so there’s no need to enter that information into the Parent Engagement side. For information on using the parent engagement features, see: Procare Parent Engagement.

Updating Family Information

This article explains what data syncs from Procare Desktop to Parent Engagement so you know exactly what will be updated and where the data comes from. The sync is one way—from Procare Desktop to Parent Engagement—and occurs four times a day to include new information and changes made to family members, children, teachers, and rooms. Note: Each daily sync may take several hours to complete, beginning at 3 a.m., 9 a.m., 3 p.m., and 11 p.m. Pacific Time.

Changes to family information, teachers, or rooms must be made in Procare Desktop so they can be synced to Parent Engagement. Parent Engagement displays a lock icon next to information that comes from Procare Desktop.

Some tips for smooth Desktop to Parent Engagement syncs

School Information

The school name/address/phone is brought over from the school information entered in Procare Desktop. You can update the Director name and email in by going to:

Procare Home then go to Configuration > System > Locations & Users > Regions & Schools. Click on the School name then click Edit which opens the Edit School Information screen (image below).

Update the Director Name and Email address and these fields will sync to Parent Engagement to update the school information.


In Procare Desktop, go to Employee Data & Payroll to access teacher information. Select the teacher from the Name menu at left, then click on the Work History icon.

Teacher profiles will sync only if they show a Start Date, a status of Currently Employed, and are assigned a Primary Work Area. You can assign the Primary Work Area by going to Information & Relationships and Select the room from the menu at upper right.

Teacher Employment Status




Employee Information

To deactivate a teacher in Parent Engagement, go to Procare Desktop and change the Work History status to anything other than Currently Employed and show a termination date. On the next sync, the teacher will be set to inactive in Parent Engagement.

Parents and Family Members

The parent must appear as a Payer in Procare Desktop to trigger them to sync into Parent Engagement as a parent/guardian. You can see the parent or family member role by going to Account Information and see who appears as a Payer.

The key data that syncs to Parent Engagement for family members is their name, email, cell phone (if chosen under the Text Message button—image below), and enrolled children. The text feature in Parent Engagement uses SMS messaging. It syncs from the Text Message field on the Person Information page in Procare Desktop—it does not use the phone fields on the person profile!

Go to Person Information and click on the Text Message button. Add the carrier and phone to that field and save. The mobile phone will sync to Parent Engagement in the next sync.


Children will sync to Parent Engagement as long as they have a status of currently enrolled, and a classroom assigned.

If a child’s enrollment status needs to be changed, you would make the change in Procare Desktop. The child’s status will appear correctly in Parent Engagement following the next sync.


Child attendance syncs immediately from Procare Desktop to Parent Engagement upon saving the in/out times in Procare Desktop. See article: Attendance Sync.

Payers can use the use the Parent Engagement app and all the methods available to it (geofencing, QR codes). Pickup people that are not Payers use the pin method only on the Kiosk at the center.