Procare mobile web apps are free and only available for anyone using the Procare Cloud service with Procare Select. The Check-In App requires the Attendance Tracker module.

What brand of tablet or smartphone do I need?

Since Procare Cloud applications are “web apps”, they are accessed through your browser. This allows you to use any brand of tablet or smartphone.

What browser should I use?

The following browsers have been tested and are all good choices:

Do I need to download or buy an app?

No. There is nothing to download and no apps to buy.

Getting There

The main apps log in page gives you access to all apps or you can go to the log for a particular app. You may wish to bookmark each page.

Page Best for Description URL
Main Log In Tablets Access all apps from one screen.
Check-In App Tablets Log in for Check-In App only. Similar to the Receptionist Check-In feature.
Reporting App Phones or Tablets Log in for Reporting App only. See emergency contacts, children checked in, balance reports, etc.

Log In to Mobile Apps

Log in using your Installation Key Number along with the same Username and Password used to log into Procare.


Select App, Open Links

If you log into the main screen, you’ll choose which app to run. To run multiple apps, open each link in a new tab or new window. On a tablet or smartphone press and hold (long press) then choose Open in New Tab or Open in New Window. On a laptop or desktop computer right-click for those options.


Browser Back

If you open apps in the same tab, use your browser Back button to return to the main apps screen.


Log Out, Don’t Close Browser

When you’re done be sure to click Log Out. Closing the browser DOES NOT LOG YOU OUT. If you close your browser (without logging out) you may be unable to log in again for 20 minutes. If this happens, you can log into Procare itself to force a log out from web apps.