Customize the Dashboard layout to quickly view key information about your child care business.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen click the Dashboard tab in the top left corner of the screen.

Note: Persons in the System Supervisor User Group may control the minimum User Group allowed to view each Dashboard Element. See: Dashboard Element Configuration

Using the Dashboard

  1. From the Dashboard menu (upper left) choose Customize Layout.
  2. From the Hidden Items tab (or Layout Tree View) click and drag the elements you want to include on your dashboard. Layout Tree View shows all elements while Hidden Items shows unused elements only.
    Hint: Remove items by dragging them off the dashboard back onto the Hidden Items list.

    1. Use Splitters to separate items from each other such that you can drag the splitter on the fly to make some items wider, narrower, shorter or taller.
    2. Use Separators to create a fixed height or width for certain sections.
    3. Use Labels to add text to a section of the screen.
    4. Use Empty Space to balance out part of the screen.
  3. When finished close the Customization pane to view your current Dashboard.

Dashboard Elements

Account Ledger Rollup
Shows the current outstanding balance due (accounts receivable) for each region and location.

Classroom Children Counts
Displays the number of children currently checked into each classroom for the location to which you are logged in.

Classroom Children Teacher Counts
Shows the number of children and teachers currently checked into each classroom for the location to which you are logged in. A RED line indicates a class that is understaffed, while a BLUE line indicates an over staffed room based on the classroom ratios defined as part of Classroom Configuration.

Employees Currently Checked In
Displays names of staff members who are currently checked in for the location to which you are logged in – sortable by employee name, work area or time of check in.

FTE Weekly
Shows the full time equivalence (FTE) based on the number of hours children are scheduled for the current week. FTE parameters are set in the Region / Schools Options screen.

Revenue Totals
Graph of week to date (WTD), month to date (MTD), and year to date (YTD) revenue figures for the location to which you are logged in. Revenue is based on the amount charged in tuition and other fees.

Upcoming Child Birthdays
Displays children with birthdays that are coming up soon. The child with the nearest birthday is shown at the top of the list. You may filter by classroom (selecting just a particular class) by clicking the tiny filter (funnel icon) in the upper right corner of the classroom header.

Account Ledger Rollup
Shows total of all balances due – your accounts receivable.

Children Currently Checked In
Displays children that are checked in as of now including the time they checked in and classroom.

Recently Checked Out (checked out today)
Shows name, time and classroom of children who were checked out at any time during the current day.

Note: If the Recently Checked Out element does not appear as a choice you may need to follow these steps to Activate Recently Checked Out.