How to export phone numbers from Procare for use with SchoolMessenger, a third-party tool used for contacting parents and other emergency contacts.

Before You Begin

  • You must use SchoolMessenger and have a location on your computer (specified by SchoolMessenger) to place the files you export from Procare.
  • You must have Procare version 10.2.4727 or higher installed.

Download the SchoolMessenger “Extra”

  1. Log on to your computer with local administrator privileges and close all programs, including Procare.
  2. Download
  3. When installation is complete, restart Procare.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Utilities > Procare Extras > SchoolMessenger.

Using Procare’s SchoolMessenger Extra

  1. At the Procare School Messenger Exporter screen browse to the file name(s) and location(s) specified by SchoolMessenger to export files for children and/or employees.
    Optional: You may type the path and file name (rather than browse to it) if the file does not already exist.
  2. If you have multiple schools and want a separate file for each school in the database, you can check the boxes.
    In the example below, a database with 2 schools would export the usual two combined school files (one for the children and one for the employees), and 4 additional files (2 employee and 2 child files).

What information is needed before a Name/Phone Number is Exported?

Which Phone Numbers are Exported?

The first two available numbers are used as follows:

  • If a child has two or more phone numbers on their own Person Information screen, those numbers are used and phone numbers for adults are ignored.
  • If the child has one phone number, it will be used, along with the first phone number listed for the first person on the child’s Relationship screen. However, if phone number of the first relationship is the same as the child’s phone, then that person is skipped and it looks at the second relationship, etc.
  • If the child has no phone numbers, the first phone number of the first two relationships will be used unless both people have the same first phone number, in which case the second relationship is skipped and it looks at the third relationship,etc.
  • If there is only one person on the Relationships screen, the first two phone numbers for that person will be used.
  • Phone numbers in the second position are usually ignored, unless there is no other way to find two valid phone numbers.
    Important Tips!
    CELL PHONES: If parents have the same ‘home’ phone then cell phone numbers should be listed FIRST and home phone numbers SECOND. Otherwise, a parent may be skipped due to a matching phone number and the next person on the relationships screen will be used instead.
    PERSON ORDER: Review the order of people on the Child Information & Relationships screen. Parents of the child should be listed before other relatives, neighbors or doctors. You don’t want the wrong person getting a call.