Use the Vendor Check Register to view, sort or print a list of checks by number, date, vendor or amount. You may include checks that have been reconciled or those that remain unreconciled or both.

Getting There

From the Functions menu of the Expenses & Ledger module choose Check Register.

Check Register List

At the Check Register screen:

  1. Choose the Current Bank account you wish to view from the drop down list (top right).
  2. Optional: Sort the checks by clicking a heading at the top such as Check Number, Post Date, Paid To, or Amount.
  3. Optional: Choose to include just checks that have been Reconciled or those that remain Unreconciled or both by checking the appropriate boxes (bottom of screen).
  4. Optional: Filter by date in one of two ways:
    1. Select the last 90 Days, 1 Year or All (bottom of screen).
    2. Or, to select a specific date or range of dates (up to one month) click the tiny Filter icon (looks like a funnel) on the Post Date heading. Hint: You must hold your mouse over the Post Date heading to see the filter.
      Click on a single date, or to choose a range of dates click once on the starting date and drag your mouse to the ending date.
      Note: The checkbox options (image above), such as “Last Week”, “Earlier this Month”, etc., will vary depending on the dates of actual transactions in your database.
  5. To View, Void, Edit, Delete or Reprint a check on the list, dbl-click the check or click once to select it and then click the Select button.
  6. Use the Report button to print the list.
  7. When you are finished, click Exit.