Release date: July 8, 2011

  • New – Dashboard: Added a Recently Checked Out item to the dashboard to show child’s name, time out and classroom. To enable this feature you may need to:
    1. Install the Patch
    2. Go to the Dashboard Element Configuration screen. You should see “Recently Checked Out” at the bottom of the list. Assign the Minimum User Group then Exit.
    3. Choose Reset Layouts on the User Configuration screen.
    4. Close Procare then log back in.
    5. The Recently Checked Out element should then be available for you to add using the Dashboard Customization tool.
  • New – Batch Schedule Overrides: Make an override (schedule exception) for many children at once. Great for things like a school out day when after school children may be at the center all day.
  • New – Batch Enrollment Changes: Change the Enrollment Status for many children at once, such as moving all children on “Summer Break” back to a status of “Enrolled” for the school year.
  • New – Import Emergency Contacts from one child to another.
  • Enhanced – Reimbursements on Payroll Check Stubs are now noted to more easily identify them as a reimbursement.
  • Enhanced – Message added to Check-In process to alert person if they do not check a child in or out.
  • Enhanced – Copy Week button added to Child Time Cards and Employee Time Cards.