Release date: March 3, 2015 (March 5 for Data Hosting).

  • New – Email Individual Reports: You may now send any report directly to email. You will need to type (or copy/paste) the email address of your recipient.
  • New – Data Viewer Browse Feature: Browse to a library of online Data Views you may download for your use, such as an Allergy List by Classroom, Class Email List, Class Emergency Contacts, and more to come. Go to Reports > Data Viewer > select a category, like Family¬† Data > Child Relationships > click Browse.
  • New – Schedule Templates Report: The new “Child Schedule Templates In Use” report shows which templates are assigned to which children. This can be helpful if you wish to delete a template and need to know which children still have that template assigned.
  • New – Meal Count Report: The new “Classroom Meal Count by Status” shows counts for each classroom by day, broken down by status (like Free, Reduced, or Paid/Above Scale). Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Meal Tracker > Meal Count.
  • New – Expenses & Ledger Report: The new “General Ledger Account Detail” summarizes amounts for each GL account number with a dbl-click to drill down for all details on the selected account number. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Expenses & Ledger > General Ledger Reports – Regional.
  • Enhanced – Check-In Options and Check-In Screen:
    • New option to display the Account Balance (and/or accounting history) as of “Today” or to “Include All Entries” (items posted for future weeks/months would also be included).
    • Added option to Display Account Balance Only, without showing the ledger card/accounting history.
    • Added ability for employees to see more Time Card information (current and previous pay period, this week, last week) for better time management.
  • Enhanced – Text Messaging: Added the ability to place a copy of text messages in the Log Sheet of the family account, employee or vendor, when sent through the Bulk Text Messaging feature.
  • Enhanced – Employee Check-In: The ability to restrict staff to checking in/out within their scheduled hours has been enhanced to allow for a restriction of hours only or in combination with the Work Area and/or Pay Code. In previous versions, if the restriction was turned on, it affected all three (hours, Work Area and Pay Code). Also, the “Restriction Grace Period” is the new name of the option previously called the “Checkin/Checkout Minutes Limit”. The grace period controls the number of minutes an employee may check in early (before their scheduled start time) or check out late (after their scheduled end time).
  • Enhanced – Tuition Express: Improvements to the way the Filter Account feature works on the Process Tuition Express screen; for example, families without any Account Tracking are now excluded from processing.
  • Enhanced – Employee Benefits: When entering new items on the Planned Benefits tab, the Start and End times now default to the scheduled times for that employee. If they are not scheduled, it defaults to the Open and Close times for the center.
  • Enhanced – Charge/Credit Summary Reports: The “Specific Summary – Primary Accounts Only” (under Family Accounting) and the “Specific Summary – Agency Accounts Only” (under Agency Accounting) now include the initials of the person who made the entry, which may be useful for auditing purposes.
  • Enhanced – Adding a Vendor: After adding a new vendor, you’ll now be asked if you want to set up standard GL account numbers for that vendor. If you answer “yes”, you’ll be taken directly to the Standard Accounts screen.
  • Enhanced – Check Register: The Report button on the Check Register screen now creates a report that includes a total amount of all checks on the report.
  • Enhanced – Tax ID Number: The TIN for the Region will now be used at the School level, unless a different TIN is specifically entered for the school. The school TIN can no longer be blank, if there is a TIN at the region level.
  • Fixed – Work History: Fixed an issue with Employee Work History where a date could be added without an Employment Status.