Release date: May 16, 2017, for local installs (evening of May 23 for Cloud customers)

CLOUD & MYPROCARE (Cloud customers only) | ALL CUSTOMERS (local installations and Cloud)


New – for MyProcare (Cloud customers)

  • Scheduling! Let parents choose schedules for their children based on templates you define.
  • Password Requirements for Parents – To enhance security, parents will be required to have more complex passwords (at least 7 characters with a minimum of one letter and one number). When a parent whose current password does not meet these requirements logs in, they’ll be given the option to change now or change later—along with the number days left until their current password expires. Passwords must be updated by September 21, 2017.
    MyProcare Password Requirements
  • Universal Login: When current families log in, they’ll be able to choose which center to log into— if their email address is found at more than one center (more than one installation key).
  • Notifications:
    • Now the center can be sent a notification when a parent makes a change, such as to their phone number or address. Email addresses to which notifications should be sent are entered in the Setup Wizard.
    • The center may also choose to be notified when a parent makes a change to their child’s schedule.
  • Report Access for Parents: Added an easy way for parents to get to reports, with “Reports” now listed clearly near the top of the screen.
  • Website Links – Added ability to export the New Family Sign-up Links for all schools at once to a spreadsheet or PDF. (Note: this includes all schools to which that user is exposed)
    .MyProcare New Family Sign-Up Links for All Schools
  • Filter by Age: For online registration, on the Review/Import screen for new families, added the ability to filter by child’s age (in months) as of a specific date, so you can choose to import only families with children of a certain age.
    MyProcare: Filter New Children by Age

Enhanced – Procare Cloud and Center Settings for MyProcare:

  • Setup Wizard
    • Notifications – Multiple email addresses may now be added anywhere the center chooses notification emails.
    • New Family Registration may now be turned on without requiring follow-up tracking items to be selected for the account or child.
  • Question Manager
    • Swapped the order of the Edit Tracking and Edit User Defined buttons (bottom of screen) to be consistent with the Tracking and User Defined selections (top of screen).
    • Deleting a User Defined Field or Tracking question that was added to the Question Manager, but was not saved, did not ask to save. Added a prompt, “Do you want to save your changes?”.
  • Review/Import screen
    • Increased the sensitivity when checking for duplicate people. Previously if the person to be imported had a middle initial or DOB and the existing person did not, they were not marked as a possible duplicate even though their names were the same.
    • Enhanced: Online Registration – During the Review/Import process, on the Person Information screen, added hot-key functionality to the Email field so you can use Ctrl+C (to copy), Ctrl+V (to paste), and Ctrl+X (to cut).
    • On the Registration Details screen for an individual family, changed how the Save button works to make it more clear that it is only used to save the Staff Notes field.
  • Website Links screen – The term “registration” was removed to avoid confusion over the use of that term.
  • Cloud licensing startup routine – efficiency improved.

Enhanced – MyProcare for Parents

  • Reports for Parents
    • Added children’s names to the reports parents can print, such as the Customer Statement.
    • Added the center’s tax ID number to reports.
  • Online Registration
    • The login screen for new families now includes the center’s logo, city, state and phone number. This helps the parent to know they are registering for the correct school.
    • Avatars – Made it visually easier to tell when an avatar is selected (has focus).
  • Payments
    • Changed the payment balance message to alert parents only if the payment they are making is below the minimum amount allowed by the center at the point of actually submitting the payment. Previously the alert came up as soon as they clicked the Pay button and warned them if their balance was zero that they may not need to make a payment. This was not ideal as many parents want to pay ahead and centers prefer to encourage them to do so.
    • When a parent enters an invalid credit card number, they had been getting a generic message of “Unable to submit payment for processing.” This has been changed so the message is more clear and now says “Account number is not valid.”
  • Duplicate Email – Previously if a parent’s email address was assigned to more than one person, such as their spouse, they got a misleading message that they must be a payer on at least one account. This has been improved through Universal Login. Now the message is more clear that their email was found, but they don’t have access.
  • Calendar selection: Made it easier for parents to select the calendar, by making text next to the date range activate the calendar.
  • Child’s schedule navigation: Moved the left/right arrows that let a parent move between days on a child’s schedule so the location of the buttons doesn’t change depending on how many rows are on the schedule for that day.
  • Buttons – Made it more visually obvious when a button is selected (has focus).
  • Registration questions – For questions with yes/no answers made it easier to visually tell that the yes/no choice is selected (has focus).
  • Confirmation Number: Added a message when parent presses Go without entering their confirmation number to remind them that number is required. Previously there was no message, so there was no indication of why nothing happened after pressing Go.
  • Confirmation Email: Improved instructions for what a parent should check if they did not receive the confirmation email.

Fixed – Center Settings for MyProcare:

  • Setup Wizard
    • Resolved issue where the center could enter an invalid email address for themselves; one that did not include a top-level domain (TLD).
    • Text Messaging Networks – Fixed issue where deleting a cell phone provider that was used in online registration caused a “foreign key violation” error.
  • Question Manager
    • Fixed issue where Tracking items that were not marked as being active (within Global Tracking) were still showing up on questionnaires.
    • Display of User Defined Fields – Fixed issue where fields that were not exposed continued to display on the child’s information within Procare itself if that field was part of a questionnaire.
    • Fixed issue where deleting a field that was used in an online registration questionnaire caused a “foreign key violation” error.
    • Tracking “Exposure” – Issue where an “unexpected error” could occur due to Follow-Up Tracking (at the Account or Child level) not being exposed to that school location.
  • Review/Import New Families (online registration)
    • Fixed issue where families were not displayed if the center had not set up any questions at all for the parent to answer (in other words, there were no account level or child level questions).
    • Resolved issue where importing an emergency contact (who has a blank email address) and is a duplicate of an existing person (where the existing person has an email address), resulted in the good email being replaced by the blank email.
    • Mini Procare – Fixed to prevent families from being imported if the center is at the limit of 60 active families.
  • Website Links – Resolved issue where a parent could click a link in their email and it would be broken because the email program did not recognize the single equals sign (=) or double equals signs (==) as part of the link. The symptom was parents would end up at the homepage of MyProcare, rather than the appropriate login screen for existing families or new family registration. Note: This issue was at least partially resolved in a previous update made to the MyProcare site.

Fixed – MyProcare for Parents

  • Parent reports
    • Fixed issue where items posted on the start or end date of the report were not included on the report.
    • Resolved an issue where running a report for a single day (like from May 15 to May 15) showed the following day (May 16).
  • Parent Payments – Fixed issue where the credit card expiration field went forward only seven years.
  • Resolved issue where a current parent could go to the edit screen for their own information and by clicking Save, could lose their cell phone carrier information.
  • Schedules/Parent Limits – Fixed issue where the Schedules link at top of screen was still clickable, even when viewing schedules was blocked by the center.
  • Browser compatibility
    • Resolved compatibility issues with certain Android devices, including Galaxy S5 running Android 4.4.
    • Fixed issue where images overlaid parts of the screen and made it unusable for Android versions below 4.4.
    • Online Registration – Fixed issue in Chrome where zip code and phone could be marked as “required” (as though no data had been entered) even though Chrome itself had auto-filled the fields.
    • Online Registration – Resolved issue with browsers other than Chrome where the screen did not properly scroll to required fields that were left unanswered.
    • Online Registration when using Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) – Fixed an issue where if a new family started entering information, left, and came back later, they could not add contact information or make changes. They would get a message saying “There was a problem saving your data. Please try again.”
  • Online Registration
    • Fixed issue where buttons could resize when they were clicked, which sometimes resulted in missed clicks.
    • Resolved issue where pressing Save & Add Next Child without entering any child information resulted in unexpected behavior which varied depending on which browser was being used.
  • Child schedules – fixed issue where total hours did not display correctly for schedules that ran from midnight to midnight.
  • Password reset – Fixed issue where a person who is not a payer on an account could reset their password and then incorrectly get a message that the service was disabled.
  • Change Email page – Fixed issue where pressing Go could result in the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”
  • Fixed link in the footer of the “page not found” page.

ALL CUSTOMERS (both local installations AND Cloud)

New – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Pay at Check-In – Added option to always send point-of-sale email receipts to the Primary Payer’s email address. For example, mom and dad are both payers, but receipts are intended to always go to mom’s email regardless of who makes the payment. This is a global setting that if selected, affects all families who pay at check-in.
  • Family Data/Tuition Express – To the Account Select Filter, added the ability to filter based on whether or not families are set up for Tuition Express. See: Selecting Tuition Express or non-Tuition Express Families.
  • Search All Locations – added ability to dbl-click the person’s name and go directly to that family, employee, or vendor, even if they are in a different school location. Note: This was previously released, but did not make the release notes.
  • Added report “Children with No Schedule”, found under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Classroom Schedule. Note: This was previously released, but did not make the release notes.
  • Time Card Audits – Added a report under child attendance tracking and also under employee time cards to show any audit records during a specified date range. In other words, these reports show any changes made to child or employee time cards. Note: This was previously released, but did not make the release notes.
  • Tuition Express, User Group Limits – Added limit to block use of the Email Tuition Express Accounts feature.

Enhanced – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Special Arizona Attendance Report for DES – Added a line to manually enter the date next to the parent’s signature. Note: This is a special report download and not dependant on a particular release of Procare.
  • Special Washington State DSHS Attendance Report – An alternate version of this report was added to count absent days, holidays, and days a child was not scheduled, but still attended. Note: Note: This is a special report download and not dependant on a particular release of Procare.
  • Text Messaging Networks – added additional cell phone carriers (including iwireless and google Fi) to the list of text networks. Note: This was previously released, but did not make the release notes.

Fixed – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Family Data – Fixed issue where the Copy Accounts utility allowed copying to locations that did not have the Family Data module.
  • Employee Data – Fixed issue where the Copy Employees utility allowed copying to locations that did not have the Employee Data module.
  • Remove Duplicate People Utility, Unassigned People
    • Fixed issues where using Remove Duplicate People to remove an existing person who had a MyProcare login or was waiting to be imported as a new family caused a “foreign key violation” error.
    • Fixed issue where using the Unassigned People utility to remove a person who had a MyProcare login caused a “foreign key violation” error.
    • Fixed issue where attempting to merge multiple duplicates at once caused error “Subquery returned more than 1 value”.
  • Payroll
    • 941 Report – Solved issue where not assigning Social Security or Medicare withholdings to an employee affected the Fractions of Cents Correction field. The amount included the Medicare Additional Rate even if the Employee earnings were not above the threshold.
    • Payroll Check Calculation – Resolved issue where a school location that did not have the Employee Data module, could be selected on the check calculation screen.
    • Payroll formulas – Issue where an unexpected error could occur when attempting to update payroll formulas.
  • Charge/Credit Descriptions – Fixed issue where having no entries at all on the “Other Charge” tab caused an “unhandled exception” error.
  • Automated Formula Billing – Fixed issue where the date selection color could be the same as the background color, making it difficult to see.
  • Family Data Reports – Resolved issue with certain reports that included “between” as an option, such as include children between such and such ages, that could result in a “general query” error.
  • First-time Setup Wizard: Fixed issue where canceling reset of the admin password, then using the Wizard, resulted in an “unexpected error”.
  • Global Tracking Items – Fixed issue where deleting a tracking item that was used in an online registration questionnaire caused a “foreign key violation” error.
  • Attendance Tracker PIN Check-In – Fixed an issue where if a PIN or password began with a zero, the zero was ignored. For example if the PIN was 02424, the person needed to enter 2424 because the leading zero was ignored.
  • Installer – issue where uninstall did not remove all items.
  • Map It feature – Fixed issue at the main screen of Family Data & Accounting where clicking the Map It button on a blank secondary payer would cause a “null reference” error.