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Release date: July 7, 2017, for local installs (Evening of July 11 for Cloud customers)



New & Enhanced – Features & benefits for Tuition Express Customers

  • Next-day funding for Point-of-Sale (POS) Payments! – Now all types of payments (including POS) are deposited to your bank account the next business day. This includes POS payments made by 7:00 p.m. in your local time zone.
  • Auto-closing of Deposit Reports for Point-of-Sale (POS) Payments – Deposits for POS payments are now automatically closed in their own deposit each day. You’ll no longer need to manually close POS deposits! See: Deposit Reports for POS Payments.
  • Tuition Express Menu – Added a new choice to Process Automated Online Posting, separate from Process Tuition Express. This is related to the change in User Group Limits (below).
    Tuition Express Menu - Process Automated Online Posting
  • User Group Limits – You may now allow certain user groups to access automated postings (returns and online payments) without letting them collect a batch of payments. In Group Limits for Tuition Express, simply block access to the Process Tuition Express screen (limit—but allow access to the new Process Automated Online Postings feature (limit This is related to the change in the Tuition Express Menu (above).

Fixed – For Tuition Express Customers

  • User Group Limits – Fixed an issue where running the Procare Patch could cause the User Limit intended to prevent people from using the Email Tuition Express Accounts feature (limit to be missing as an option.


Enhanced – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • Email Addresses – MyProcare now recognizes email addresses of new people added within Procare—and changes to or removal of email addresses—done as soon as that person is saved, added, or removed (as a payer) in Procare. Previously it was necessary to wait overnight until the records in Procare were synchronized with MyProcare.

Fixed – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • Parent Address (existing family) – Fixed an issue where a parent could accidentally add a blank space to the beginning or end of their address, city or zip code.
  • Parent Phone Number (existing family) – Fixed an issue where the parent’s cell phone carrier was not displayed when they went to edit their phone number. If they left it with no carrier selected and clicked Save, the carrier information was lost.
  • Parent Contact Info (existing family) – Fixed an issue where if the parent who logged in was not listed as a relationship to any child in an account, the Contacts screen displayed one of the other relationships instead of the person who was logged in. This was information the parent would have had access to anyway, but it could cause confusion.
  • Pay button (existing family) – Fixed issue where, in certain scenarios, clicking the Pay button could result in the error “Object Reference not set to an instance of an object”.
  • Importing New Families:
    • Blank Account Key – Fixed an issue where a family could be imported with a blank Account Key.
    • Import Error – Fixed an issue where a staff person could get the error “There was (1) Account that encountered an error and was not imported.” This would happen if the email address of that person matched the email of another person already in Procare, but the names of the people were different.
  • Setup Wizard:
    • Parent Scheduling – Fixed an issue in the Setup Wizard that allowed the number of weeks/months limit (how far parents can schedule in advance) to be set to zero. It must now be set to at least 1.
    • Online Help – Fixed a minor issue where clicking the question mark in the Setup Wizard would open two identical help windows (two tabs in the browser).
    • Misspelling – Under Current Families > General Settings, the word “Notification” was misspelled.
  • New Family Registration:
    • General Unexpected Error when Submitting Registration – Fixed an issue where if the center left the Notification Email blank (in the Setup Wizard), the parent would get a “General Unexpected Error” when they pressed Submit to send their information.
    • General Unexpected Error when clicking Save and Continue – Fixed an issue where a parent could skip entering child information by clicking “Save and Continue” and they would get a “General/Unexpected Error: Value cannot be null. Parameter name: value.”
    • General/Unexpected Error sending Feedback – Fixed an issue where if the center had set up multiple email addresses for the “Customer Feedback Email” and the parent tried to submit feedback, they would get a “General/Unexpected Error : Feedback email address is not defined or is not a valid email address.” Also, the center never received feedback email at all.
    • Blank Spaces in Names (new family) – Fixed an issue where first and last names were allowed to begin with a space. Once imported into Procare, this could result in a misleading error—when trying to save changes to the Person Information screen—saying the record could not be saved due to changes being made by someone else (also known as a concurrency error).
    • Success True message for Parent Feedback – Fixed an issue where the parent could submit feedback to the center (by clicking the question mark in the header) and after submission would arrive at an unformatted page that said “success: true”. Now they arrive at a properly formatted webpage confirming their feedback was sent.
  • MyProcare Log In:
    • Error 500 – Fixed an issue where a parent would get Internal Server Error 500, when trying to log in, in the rare case where that parent had been part of another Cloud account that had been deactivated.
    • Cookies not Enabled – Fixed an issue where a parent could get a “cookies are not enabled” message, in the rare case where they incorrectly had a link to a secondary step of the login process rather than the main login screen. This would happen even though cookies were enabled, just not set.
    • Email has Multiple Associations – Fixed an issue where a current family logging into MyProcare would get an error due to having the same email address assigned to more than one person at another school—even though the other school had MyProcare turned off. The message said: “This email has multiple associations and your exact identity cannot be determined.” This no longer happens when the other school has MyProcare turned off.
    • Remote Server Error 404 – In New Family Registration, fixed an issue where if the parent tried to log in and accidentally entered a space at the very beginning or end of their email address it resulted in an error saying: “The remote server returned an error: (404) Not Found.”
    • Not a Payer on Any Accounts – Fixed an issue where a parent could get a message that they are not a payer on any accounts, even though they are a payer. One way this could happen was if they had been on two accounts (entered as two separate people, but with the same email address), and the other account was deleted—the original person still existed in the database but was not a payer.
    • Email not associated with any Active Schools – Fixed an issue with adding a previously deleted family. This occurred when a family had registered online and was imported into Procare, then was later deleted in Procare (and the Person Information was also deleted through the Unassigned People Utility), and they registered online a second time and were again imported, the parent would not able to log into MyProcare. They would get a message that their email was not associated with any active schools.
    • Wrong Login Screen:
      • Fixed an issue where a parent in an existing family (a person already in Procare) could accidentally be allowed to register again as a new family using the same email address that was already on file under the existing family. Now they are sent to the existing family (Universal Login) screen as expected.
      • Fixed an issue where a person who registered as a new family twice (using two different email addresses) could incorrectly end up at the New Family Registration login screen again, even after they had been imported to Procare (and reconciled as a duplicate). This occured if they tried to log in as an existing family using their original email address.
    • Old Account – Fixed an issue where if a person had a duplicate email (two person records with the same email—assigned to two different accounts at the same center) they could, under certain circumstances, be logged into the other (old) account. Now they will be alerted that the email is associated with other records and to contact the center.
  • Cloud Web Apps, Expenses & Ledger Reports – Fixed an issue where a staff person (Procare User) could view the Expenses & Ledger section of on-screen reports when using Cloud Web Apps, even if their User Group was blocked from having access to those reports. This only affected Web Apps, not reports in Procare itself.

ALL CUSTOMERS (both local installations AND Cloud)

Enhanced – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Family Accounting: Account Activity w/Tracking Report – Added child names to the Primary Accounts Only version of this report.
  • Fingerprint Reader – Added support for/installation of drivers for future release of newer model fingerprint readers.
  • Custom Pay Periods – Improved the message that appears when you go to an employee’s Pay Rate screen and you are using Custom Pay Periods, but haven’t set any up yet for the current year.
  • Region/School Options – Updated for some tooltips for clarity (mostly related to settings for MyProcare).

Fixed – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Text Messaging & Outlook – Solved an issue where Procare could lock up (when trying to send bulk text messages) if it was unable to communicate with Outlook. This resulted in a message, such as “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” and it was necessary to close Procare using Windows Task Manager.
  • Meal Tracker Report: Weekly Meal Count By Classroom – Alternate 1535. Fixed an issue where the total at the bottom of each classroom incorrectly gave cumulative totals; in other words, it was adding together totals for the current page (current classroom) with totals from all previous pages on the report.
  • Reports & Classroom Names – Fixed issue where having quotation marks in the name of a classroom, and setting the report Filter to specifically include that classroom, would cause the report to crash with the error “The remaining text does not appear to be part of the formula.” This could affect Family Data and Attendance Tracker reports—potentially any report where you could filter by classroom.
  • Deposit Reports: Fixed an issue where a deposit could be closed without having a valid deposit account (bank account) for the money to be deposited into. This could happen when none of the Deposit Accounts (defined in Configuration) were checked as being “active” accounts.
  • Check-In Screen Accounting History: Fixed an issue where the order of charges and credits on a family Ledger Card could be different from the order shown to parents at the Check-In screen under the Accounting button.
  • Remove Duplicate People – Fixed an issue where if one of the people to be removed (merged together) had already registered to check children in, the Remove Duplicate People Utility would give the error “Unable to merge the selected people due to an unknown unique constraint.”
  • Employee Schedules – Resolved issue where the Copy button did not copy the line above.
  • Payroll Form 941 Report – Fixed a rare issue where the report incorrectly displayed the amount for Social Security (FICA-SS) when an employee did not have Social Security assigned to them as a withholding.
  • Multiple Licensing Servers (local installs only) – Fixed an issue when opening Procare, if more than one Licensing Server was found and the person attempting to open Procare clicked Cancel (rather than selecting a Licensing Server from the dropdown list), then clicked Okay on the message telling them no changes were made, they would get the error “Object reference not set to an instance of an object.”