Release date: September 26, 2017, for local installs (Evening of October 3 for Cloud customers)



Enhanced – Features & benefits for Tuition Express Customers

  • POS Email Receipts: Enhanced email address checking to auto-correct mistakes like a dot or invalid character in the email address to which the receipt is being sent.
  • Process Tuition Express Screen: Improved the messages that appear if there are no ACH or credit card customers, but there are (or are not) online batches to post.
  • POS Deposit Reports: Added the ability for the center to manually close Deposit Reports with point-of-sale transactions if the transaction has not auto-closed within 4 days—in order to accommodate rare cases when the automated system is unable to close the item.

Fixed – For Tuition Express Customers

  • Tuition Express Deposit Reports:
    • Date order – Fixed an issue where deposit reports were not being ordered by date (chronological order).
    • Date of deposit – Fixed an issue where the date on POS deposit reports did not always match the date on the Bank Account History at
    • Batch Payments Info – Fixed an issue where the last 10 batch payments were displayed and incorrectly included line items that had been cancelled.
    • Bank Account Activity report – Fixed an issue where chargebacks in which the center prevailed (the chargeback was reversed) showed as double the original amount.
  • Max Amount – Fixed an issue where the maximum amount a center could collect (per family) was set to an invalid number (zero or less). Note: this fix went live prior to the release of this update.


Enhanced – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • New family notification email – In the email sent to centers, added the name of the location for which the family is registering to the subject line of the email. This way centers with multiple locations can easily tell the location.
  • Question Manager – Updated the first Question Manager screen to accommodate more sets of questions (which will be part of a future release).

Fixed – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • Existing Families:
    • Time cards – Fixed issues on child time cards related to having a check out time of exactly midnight which caused the buttons (arrows) allowing a parent to move to the next day to be active (clickable) even if there was no real attendance on that day—and it created a separate entry on the next day for 0.00 hours.
    • Customer statements: Fixed an issue with Customer Statements printed from MyProcare where the beginning balance could ignore cents and display whole dollar amounts only, which in turn caused all amounts in the balance column to be off by the same number of cents.
    • Pay button: Fixed an issue where, for centers that have multiple locations, the minimum amount was determined by the first school rather than the school you were trying to pay.
    • Recent transactions – Fixed an issue where the Recent Transactions area on the MyProcare Account page (for existing families) has a Comment field where long field text runs across the text in the Amount field.
    • General error – Fixed a rare issue where an existing family, who did not have an Account Key, would attempt to log in and receive a “General/Unexpected Error: Value cannot be null or empty. Parameter name: linkText.” Now, in the extremely unlikely event that their Account Key is blank they will still be able to log in, but will see next to their account information the phrase “Unknown Acct Key”.
  • Question Manager:
    • Preview screen – Fixed an issue where the Preview screen mistakenly included questions that had been marked inactive (the Active box was unchecked for that Tracking Item or User Defined Field).
    • Unable to save – Fixed an issue where adding a new User Defined Field to the questionnaire, then later deleting the field, could result in the error “Unable to Save – Your changes were NOT SAVED. Changes were made by someone else to the data you were trying to save…”.
  • New Family Registration:
    • Canadian or other non-U.S. addresses – Fixed an issue where the city, state, zip code terminology, and the list of states was being displayed to customers outside the U.S. (who chose an address format of non-USA in Region/School Options).
    • Fixed several related issues where if phone numbers where not filled in completely, they were not properly flagged as having missing information so it was not clear to the person entering the data what was missing.
    • Review & Import screen:
      • Mini-Procare – Fixed an issue where a center using a Mini version of Procare could not import any new families because they had reached the maximum allowed, but there was no indication of why the import was not successful.
      • Error resolving duplicates – Fixed an issue where attempting to import a new family with a payer who appeared to be a duplicate, merging the duplicates resulted in an error if the existing payer and new payer had the same name but different email addresses.
    • Date format – Fixed a minor formatting issue with dates where the format used when the parent entered a date was different from the format displayed in Procare. This affected questions created with User Defined Fields only.
  • MyProcare Reports:
    • Names cut off – Fixed an issue with the “Account Payers Last Login” report where long names and long email addresses were being cut off (truncated).
    • Report footer – Fixed a minor issue with all MyProcare reports where the footer that displays the name of the report was not wide enough to display the full report name.
  • Browser Issues:
    • Microsoft Edge (Windows 10):
      • Fixed an issue with Microsoft Edge where attempting to log out using Menu > Logout caused a popup to appear on top of the logout button, making it difficult to log out.
      • Fixed an issue during New Family Registration where the Microsoft Edge browser did not display the correct portion of the screen when a parent clicked to “Save and Continue” or used the tab key, if there was a validation error, such as a required field left blank.
    • Internet Explorer (IE11):
      • Fixed an issue where the “Center” page did not display Google maps on Windows 10 machines using the IE11 browser.
      • IE11 (and Firefox) – During New Family Registration while adding additional contact people, if the first or last names were left blank and the person chose to “Save and Add Next Contact”, the messages that said “First Name is Required” and “Last Name is Required” flickered briefly on the screen and disappeared.
    • Firefox – Solved an issue where logging into MyProcare using Firefox caused the bottom half of some letters of the person’s email address to be cut off (such as y, g, p).
  • Setup Wizard – Corrected a minor grammatical error. Changed “Once import…” to “Once imported…” in relation to follow-up tracking settings.
  • Repair tool on Cloud – Fixed an issue where a Tracking Item that was exposed to more than one, but not all schools, could result in an error/warning during the repair procedure that the “Subquery returned more than 1 value”.

ALL CUSTOMERS (both local installations AND Cloud)

Enhanced – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Exposure for Billing Formulas: Added the ability to make each Billing Formula available to (exposed to) only selected locations. This helps when managing multiple centers so that staff can select only the formulas that apply to their location.
  • Single day schedules – Schedules for children and staff can now be set for a single day (the Start Date and End Date may be the same).
  • Hidden Accounts: When marking an account as hidden, alerts have been added if the account has either a balance due or any children who are still enrolled (or enrolled in the future). This will allow centers to choose whether they really want the account to be hidden or not.
  • Reports: Added back the original Account Activity w/ Tracking report that does not include child names. The version which includes child names is now in a separate report.
  • Immunizations: Added ability to have an unlimited number of shots in an immunization sequence. Previously there was a limit of 10.

Fixed – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Check-in screen:
    • Customer balance – Fixed an issue where the family’s balance displayed at the check-in screen did not match the balance shown in Procare itself.
    • Ledger card activity – Fixed an issue where the ledger card detail shown at the check-in screen did not include the most recent ledger entries that were in Procare itself.
  • Family Data: School Close Dates – Fixed a minor issue where changing a date by typing (instead of using the drop down calendar) caused the Save button not to be enabled, but when you attempted to exit you were still able to save.
  • Employee Data & Payroll:
    • Time cards – Fixed an issue where trying to add a new entry to an employee time card could result in the error: “SQL Server Connectivity Issue: INSERT failed because the following SET options have incorrect settings…”.
    • Time card report – The report named Employee Time Card with Drill Down was allowing a person to double-click and drill down to a second level of detail that displayed a blank page. Since the drill down could not be disabled, the blank page was replaced with text explaining that there is “No relevant data available at this level of drill down”.
    • Employee benefits – Fixed a minor labeling issue. When deleting a benefit the title of the confirmation box incorrectly said “Delete Department”.
    • Copy employees – Fixed a rare issue with the Copy Employees utility where, if an employee was listed as a relationship to themselves, an error would occur saying: “Procare encountered an unexpected error… Value cannot be null. Parameter name: lastName”.
    • Merge Duplicate People Utility – Fixed an issue where trying to merge duplicate employees, when both occurences of the employee were in the same school, would result in the error: “SQL Server Connectivity Issue: Subquery returned more than 1 value.”
    • Payroll 941 report – Fixed a rare issue in cases where a person made more than $200,000—and had multiple checks posted during the date range—and fractions of a cent rounding were involved, the 941 report did not take the Medicare additional withholding into account when calculating the fractions of a cent correction.
  • Expenses & Ledger: Beginning Balances – Fixed an issue where a misleading error would say “There are Charge or Credit Descriptions that DO NOT have a GL Assignment”, even though the real issue was sometimes a missing GL number in a payroll withholding or elsewhere.
  • Repair Utility – Fixed an issue where attempting to repair Procare version 10.2.5637 with an SQL 2005 database would result in an incorrect syntax error.
  • Online Update/Repair (non-Cloud/local installs) – Resolved an issue that could result in a “Cannot insert duplicate key” error when using the online update to upgrade from certain versions in certain situations.