Release dates: December 13, 2017, for local installs (December 19 for Cloud customers)


ALL CUSTOMERS (both local installations AND Cloud)

New – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Family Accounting
  • Dashboard – Added the ability to double-click a child’s name and go directly to that family’s account. If the child is on more than one account, you have the option to choose which one to go to.
    Procare Dashboard: Double-click child's name to go to the family.

Enhanced – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Family Data – Immunizations: When an immunization is deleted from the Configuration screen, the event log now includes a record of who deleted the item and when it was deleted.
  • Family Accounting
    • Email Statements – When selecting a Date Range, buttons were added for “Next Week” and “Next Month” to help centers that bill in advance.
      Date Range Buttons: Next Week, Next Month
    • Child Billing Box – Expanded the “Description” column so the full name of longer charge and credit descriptions is visible when selecting them from the drop down list.
    • Billing Formulas
      • Date Range – When selecting a date range for Automated Formula Billing, buttons were added for “Next Week” and “Next Month” to help centers that bill in advance.
      • Exposure – When a new billing formula is created the Exposure screen now automatically opens, so that you don’t forget to indicate the locations for which this formula is to be used.
      • Configuration – On the list of available formulas in Configuration, added an icon to show if the formula is “In use”. Clicking the icon reports where and how many times the formula is being used.
  • Payroll – Check Stubs: Added center information to the top of each paycheck stub.
  • Reports – Aging Reports: Added the option to include names of children.
    Aging Reports: Include Enrolled Children
  • Expenses & Ledger
    • Journal Entries – On the General Journal Entry screen, increased the the width of the GL Account column so that very long GL Account names are better accomodated.
    • Beginning Balances – When using the Calculate button (in Configuration) to create beginning balances for the new year, if there is a problem with missing GL account numbers, a message now clearly states which items need to have GL numbers assigned.
  • Mini Procare – Added an alert to let people with the mini version of Procare know when they are close to the limit of 60 active family accounts.
  • Region Settings – When adding a new region (within Regions and Schools), added a checkbox to specify whether the address should be formatted as a non-USA address. Previously, it defaulted to U.S. format and it was necessary to save the region first, and then go to Region Options to change the address fromat.
  • Installation
    • The installer now checks for compatibility with the upcoming future release of Procare 10.3.
    • Fingerprint Reader: Updated drivers used during installation to DigitalPersona 2.3 to be compatible with the current fingerprint reader.

Fixed – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Check-in screen:
    • Fixed an issue where if Check-In Options for Display Accounting was set to “Do Not Display”, the word “Balances” was still showing to parents, even though no amount was shown.
  • Family Data:
    • User Defined Fields
      • Fixed a minor issue where if a date had previously been entered in a User Defined “Date” field, and you clicked on the date (without making any changes) and then clicked Exit, you would get an error saying: “Specified case is not valid.”
      • Fixed an issue where a “concurrency” error would occur in certain cases when attempting to save the information for a child or account User Defined Field after making a change to the information.
  • Family Accounting
    • Email Statements – Fixed a rare issue where it was possible for a parent to receive more than one statement when a center with multiple locations had staff people from different locations email statements at the exact same time.
    • Child Billing Box: Fixed a minor issue where after confirming you wanted to delete a line from the billing box you could be prompted to save or cancel the changes, and since the line had already been deleted choosing “cancel” had no effect. Removed the unnecessary second prompt to save/cancel.
  • Expenses & Ledger
    • Vendors – Fixed an issue where a vendor that was available to “All Schools in this region” and had checks posted to it in school 1, could disappear from view if school 2 changed the vendor to be available to “Only the current school”. The option to change the vendor’s availability is now grayed out in this situation.
  • Reports
    • Fixed a minor issue with the sort order of reports. Previously, when going to the Standard Report Management screen the Sort button did not place reports in their original order (the order they appear in when Procare is first installed).
    • Formula Billing Summary (from the Automated Formula Billing screen)
      • Fixed an issue where very long descriptions and formula comments were truncated and long dollar amounts could appear as hash signs ######.
      • Fixed an issue where formulas with very long print statements caused an error which read in part: “Crystal Report Windows Forms Viewer – Failed to retrieve data from the database. Details: [Database Vendor Code 3621]”.
    • Keyless Entry System: Fixed an issue with the KES Code Report, so that only people relevant to that school are included.
  • Installation: Solved an issue where, in certain cases, text would appear in Chinese during an install or uninstall.


New – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • Procare’s KidReports Extra (add-on) is available to synchronize family, child, and employee data entered in Procare with KidReports.

Enhanced – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • The Home page has a new look with information for centers and parents.
  • Review & Import screen – Added the ability to delete multiple families at once.
  • New Family Registration – Improved the message a parent sees if the photos they are adding can’t be accepted—to expain why, such as being too small or a bad file, etc.
  • Region and School Options – Within Procare itself, updated the School Options screen to match the settings made through the MyProcare Setup Wizard.

Fixed – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • Review & Import
    • Fixed an issue where the Age in Months, As of Date, etc., did not display correctly when the screen was resized.
    • Fixed an issue where after importing a family you could not change the order of people related to the child (on the Child Relationships screen).
  • New Family Registration – Fixed an issue where if a parent skipped a required field on the Children Info page and then clicked Save & Go to Step 3, it acted as though they had clicked Save & Add Next Child instead.