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Release date: March 20, 2018



New – Procare Cloud and MyProcare:

  • Hidden Accounts: Option to Pay – Tuition Express customers now have the option to allow parents (payers) on “hidden” accounts to make payments at MyProcare.com. To do so:
    1. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting, go to MyProcare > Setup Wizard > Current Families > General Settings and click the Parent Limits button.
      MyProcare Wizard: General Settings - Parent Limits
    2. Scroll to limit (Make a Payment – Hidden Accounts) and remove the checkmark from the Hidden column.
      MyProcare: Allow Payments on Hidden Accounts
    3. Be sure to click Save > Exit to return to the Setup Wizard, and then Review > Save (for the change to take effect).

ALL CUSTOMERS (both local installations AND Cloud)

Fixed – Features & reports for local installations AND Cloud

  • Family Data
    • Length of Enrollment – Fixed an issue with the tooltip that shows a child’s length of enrollment (or length at their current status) when you hover the mouse over their enrollment status. The issue occured if the child was never enrolled (for example, they were only on the wait list) or the child had a future enrollment.
      Length of Enrollment
  • Reports
    • Predictive Enrollment Report – Fixed an issue where if there were more than 100 children, the totals at the bottom of the report would display hashtags ###. Also known as the Classroom Schedule Enrollment Counts report, you’ll find it under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Classroom Schedule.