Release date: May 21, 2018

Important! Check your compatibility with Procare 10.3.

ALL CUSTOMERS (both Cloud and non-Cloud)

  • Security Update – The release of Procare 10.3 marks a significant step forward in technology by updating Procare to Microsoft’s latest .NET framework (4.7.1). This will allow us to bring exciting enhancements to Procare’s future and meet the top-level security requirements for Tuition Express and PCI level-1 certification, the industry’s gold standard. Check your compatibility.
  • New – Search & Find: A search for text feature has been added to many screens throughout Procare; for example you can search almost any screen in Configuration or search for a report by nameā€”such as all reports with the word “enroll” (image below). Just press Ctrl+F on your keyboard, type a word, and choose Find. That word will be highlighted to help you quickly find what you’re looking for.
    Press Ctrl+F to Search
  • NewStaff/Child Analysis Report – Added a graph report showing which children and teachers are scheduled each hour of the day, so you can easily identify periods of over or under-staffing. You’ll need both the Family Data and Employee Data modules to take advantage of this report and will find it under Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Classroom Schedule. Choose the report called Schedule Summary: Daily Graph Analysis (staff/child).
    Daily Graph Analysis (child teacher ratios)
  • New Immunization Due Date Report: Added a report that calculates the actual due date for each immunization and requirement (rather than just saying “due soon”). Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Family Data > Immunization Summary and choose the report named Immunization / Requirement Due w/Due Date
  • New Agency Accounting Audit Report: Added report to show any entries that have been changed on agency ledger cards only. Go to Reports > Standard Reports > Agency Accounting > Miscellaneous Ledger Activity and choose the report named Account Audit Summary.
  • New – Aging Detail Reports for Corporate Accounts: Added two new aging reports in 7-Day Aging and 30-Day Aging format for centers with more than one location. These reports show each center with family-by-family detail. From the Procare Home screen, go to Corporate Reports > Standard Reports > Family Accounting > Account Aging. The reports are named Primary Accounts @ 30 Day Aging – Details, and Primary Accounts @ 7 Day Aging – Details.
  • New Billing Box Activity for Corporate Accounts: Added a Data View for centers with more than one location. This view has fields from the child’s billing box including both charges and credits (previously there was only a view for discounts/credits). From the Procare Home screen, go to Corporate Reports > Data Viewer > Family Accounting > Billing Box Activity.
  • Fixed Person Search – Fixed an issue where searching for a person by zip code did not work under Utilities > Search All Locations > Person Search.