You may choose to void, view or reprint a payroll check (or check stub) that was previously posted.

Getting There

Look up an Employee and click the Payroll Check Calculation icon (pen with check) on the toolbar.

Void, View or Reprint a Check

  1. At the Employee Payroll Check Calculation screen you’ll see the word “Current” (upper left) indicating you could work on a new, current check. Use the scroll bar (right side) to scroll up to previously posted checks.
    As you scroll, you’ll notice the box that originally said “Current” now shows the number of checks recorded for that person; for example, 7 of 10 means you are viewing the 7th check out of 10 total checks. Scroll up or down to the appropriate check.
  2. With the check displayed on screen you may:
    1. Review any section of the check by clicking a tab such as Gross Pay, Withholding, Summary, etc. No changes can be made.
    2. Void the check from the Summary tab.
      Click Void Check , then select a Void Date and Void Comment (optional).
      Important! Once a check has been voided there is no way to un-void it, or change the Void Date. Checks cannot be deleted, except through the Maintenance Utility which removes checks for all employees.
    3. Choose Reprint Check (and stub), also from the Summary tab, if you need a copy of the information from the original paycheck and check stub. The check should be reprinted on plain white paper. The reprint option will not be available if the check has not yet been printed (indicated by a check number of “Not Assigned”).
  3. Click Exit.