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Procare does not recommend the use of a proxy solution with any part of the Procare system. This article addresses the issues and offers a solution for web proxy situations.

What is a Proxy?

A proxy solution is the use of hardware, software or both, to intercept and inspect web traffic from servers and clients. Proxies are used to cache and filter web traffic to ensure users conform to an organization’s acceptable use policies while saving on bandwidth.


Some proxy solutions remove or manipulate the HTML custom headers the Procare system uses to communicate with remote Procare servers. These servers are hosted by Procare and used for checking user accounts, authorizing licensing, checking for program updates, etc.

Proxies & Tuition Express

Tuition Express is an example of an application that will fail if passed through a proxy solution. Tuition Express is used to processes credit card and ACH payments. This application complies with PCI standards. The design of Tuition Express helps ensure that information is not stored on a proxy solution and cannot be compromised.

Note: if there is a transparent proxy solution, Procare does not check for or provide notification of the proxy.


Procare understands some organizations will have a proxy solution in place. In such cases, add the remote Procare servers to the exclude or exception list to allow Procare traffic through the proxy without manipulation.

Procare Remote Server URL Exception required for:
https://www.procareonline.com All Procare installations
http://www.procareonline.com All Procare installations
http://procaremedia.com All Procare installations
http://procaresoftware.com All Procare installations
https://services.procareonline.com All Procare installations
http://www.cdn.procaresoftware.com All Procare installations