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This article is for non-Cloud customers only. The term “sync” means to update family balances shown at TuitionExpress.com to match the balances in Procare. This is important so families viewing their balance and/or making online payments see current information.

In most cases syncing happens automatically, each time you post new charges, credits or payments to family ledger cards. TheĀ Automatically Sync Account Balances option (explained in Tuition Express – First Time Setup) can be turned on (set to “true”) or off (set to “false”). Some centers choose to turn it off if they experience slowness when posting entries to family ledger cards, especially when using the Quick Ledger Posting feature.

If you turn Automatically Sync off, the sync will still happen whenever you Process Tuition Express; however, you may choose to update balances at anytime using the Force Online Balance Sync function.