A seat refers to a connection to the Procare database. The number of people who can be logged into Procare at the same time (including check-in computers) is limited by the number of seats for which you are licensed.

Seats Available

From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > License. The total number of seats you can use at any point in time is displayed. You must be logged in as a System Supervisor to access this screen.system-supervisor-shield

You may have Procare installed on an unlimited number of computers, but if you have 5 seats, the number of connections (users signed in, and check-in stations) cannot exceed 5.

Not Enough Seats
If you get a “login rejected; not enough seats” message, you may go to another Procare user’s screen and use the kick function in Licensed Connections to force someone out of the system.

Additional Seats
To purchase additional seats, please Contact your Software Consultant.