During installation a Procare shortcut (icon) is automatically placed on your desktop. However, the Check-In shortcut is only created if you answer “Yes” when asked if this computer will be used as a Check-In station. If you answered “No”, by mistake, you can easily make a new one as follows. Do not reinstall.

  1. In Windows go to Start > Computer (or My Computer).
  2. Open the C: drive (local hard drive).
  3. Open the folder Program Files > Procare > Client.
  4. Inside the Client folder right-click one of the files below and choose Send To > Desktop (create shortcut).
    1. For Procare, right-click the file Procare (may say Procare.exe). On a touch screen use a long press.
    2. For Check-In, right-click the file CheckInNet (may say CheckInNet.exe). On a touch screen use a long press.