Accounts Receivable (AR) may seem incorrect due to:

  • You are looking at a Family Accounting view with a Family Account Filter set to just visible accounts, but AR reports include both visible and hidden accounts.
    Solution: Change your filter setting to see all accounts. If a hidden account owes you money, you may want to Make them Visible until you either collect the amount due or Write it Off.
  • You are looking at the Family Account balances, but you also have Agency Accounting.
    Solution: If you have both, be certain to run both Agency and Family A/R reports, or the combined reports available within the Agency Accounting reports. One suggested report is in Reports > Standard Reports > Agency Accounting > Account Balance Summary > All Accounts (Primary & Agency).
  • You have Expenses and Ledger, and its reports do not agree with your Family Accounting (and Agency Accounting if you have it) balances.
    Solution: at some point in the past, your Accounts Receivable Beginning Balance wasn’t tied to the actual balance on the books. This may have been intentional or accidental. You may also have posted a balance forward in an account without changing the A/R balance on the beginning balance figures.