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Understanding the BCC setting

Email Options allows you to set a BCC (blind carbon copy) limit. When you send the same email to multiple people, it’s more efficient for your provider to create the message once and send it to many addresses, rather than creating each email one by one. This is especially true if you’ve added a large attachment.

When to change the BCC setting

If your email seems to send very slowly, increasing the number allowed for BCC may help. However, some providers (or programs like Outlook) cap the number of recipients or the number of characters allowed on the BCC line. The trick is knowing what rules your email provider uses. Procare defaults to one BCC per email because that works for all providers.


You have an email to send to 90 addresses. If the BCC Email Address Count limit is set to 20, and your email provider accepts 20 BCC addresses in each email, you would only send 5 actual emails (4 each with 20 recipients and 1 with the remaining 10). However, if you set the limit higher than your provider (or Outlook) allows, the “send” will fail.

Note: The BCC option will not affect email where the content is different for each recipient, such as when emailing statements.