Each pickup person has a Child Pick Up screen listing the children for whom they are authorized. You may change the order in which the children appear which also determines their order at the check in screen.

Before You Begin

Each authorized person must be marked as a Pickup on the Child Information & Relationships screen for each child they are allowed to check in.

Getting There

  1. Look Up a Family.
  2. Go to the Person Information screen of a pickup person:
    1. Dbl-click the name of a pickup person from the main screen of Family Data & Accounting (such as a Payer on the account).
    2. Or, click once on a child’s name to select them, then click the Information & Relationships icon…
    3. Then, dbl-click the name of a pickup person.
  3. Click the Pickup button.

Child Pick Up Screen

At the Child Pick Up screen you can view the children for whom this person is authorized. To change their order use the green Up/Dn Arrows. This determines the order in which they appear at the check in screen, for example, you may want their own children to appear first, followed by the children of friends or neighbors.