Learn how to edit, change or update a “General” payroll withholding formula you previously created (or downloaded). For example, you may want to change a rate now or set a future date when a change will become effective.

Change the Formula Itself or Employee’s Variable?

An important consideration is whether you should change the actual formula itself, or make an individual change on the record of each affected employee. It depends on the nature of the change. If the thing you need to change (like a percentage, rate or amount) is hard-coded into the formula, you must change the formula.If the thing you need to change is a Variable (assigned to each employee), you’d make that change on the Employee Withholdings screen of each person.

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen click Configuration > System.
  2. Go to Accounting Management > Payroll > dbl-click Payroll Formulas.

Edit, change or update an existing formula

  1. Begin at the Payroll Formulas screen and select the Category “General” from the list (upper left). Federal and state formulas cannot be manually edited. See: Tax Tables for the New Year
  2. To make an immediate change to a formula (a change that takes place right now):
    1. Dbl-click the Formula Name.
    2. At the Payroll Formula Builder screen, make any necessary changes. See: Formula Examples
    3. Click Save > Exit to return to the Payroll Formulas screen, then Exit again.
  3. To make a change that takes place in the future:
    1. Click once on the formula to select it.
    2. Then, click New Formula (bottom left).
    3. When asked if you want to use the existing formula as a template, you’ll probably answer Yes. This lets you use the existing formula as a starting point and make minor changes. If you answer No, you’ll need to create the formula from scratch.
    4. At the Create New Payroll Formula screen make sure the Subclass and Group Name match the name of the withholding you intend to update and click NextDo NOT click Add. You do not want to create a new Subclass.
    5. Update the Formula Name, to indicate these are new rates (like “Health Insurance: New Rates June 2013”) and choose a Start Date; for example, June 1st, then click Finish. You’ll return to the Payroll Formulas screen.
    6. Dbl-click the name of your new formula to edit it. If you chose a Start Date in the future, be sure the Show All In Category box (upper right), is checked, in order for it to be visible.
    7. At the Payroll Formula Builder screen, make any necessary changes or type the formula from scratch, as needed. See: Formula Examples
    8. Click Save > Exit to return to the Payroll Formulas screen, then Exit again.

What’s Next

Presumably, your formula has previously added to the Employee Withholding screen of each person. As long as any variables assigned to them (like a rate, percentage or amount) have not changed, you’re done.