General Ledger Dates act as your calendar throughout the year allowing you to Print Reports for any date range defined here. You may set up dates according to your fiscal year calendar, or any dates you choose, such as month by month, quarter by quarter, etc. You should add new fiscal date ranges to this table as needed each year.

Getting There

From the Procare Home screen go to Configuration > System >  Accounting Management > dbl-click General Ledger Dates.

Enter General Ledger Dates

Depending on your version, you may have two options for how to set up dates:

  1. Beginning in version 10.2.4727 you may use the Auto-Fill button to quickly create pre-set date ranges for the selected year, including each month, quarter, and the entire year.
    After selecting Auto-Fill, select the year you wish to enter and select continue.
  2. Or, manually set up dates:
    1. Enter a short Name for this item, like Jan 2013, Feb 2013 or 1st Qtr 2013, 2nd Qtr 2013, etc.
    2. Select a Start Date and End Date for this item. Then tap Enter (on your keyboard) or click Save to add the item to your list of dates.
    3. Continue adding new date items as needed. Use the Up & Down arrows to change their order then click Save > Exit.