Welcome to the Procare Cloud service. This article explains how to download and install the client software on a computer, laptop or tablet computer that has a full, standard version of the Microsoft Windows Operating System installed and the next steps to take in Procare.

Using Windows XP? STOP HERE

Procare Cloud is NOT SUPPORTED on Windows XP. See: Is Procare supported on Windows XP?

Using Terminal Services or Microsoft Windows Server? STOP HERE

Procare Cloud is NOT COMPATIBLE with Terminal Services or any version of Microsoft Windows Server.

Is Procare v10 Already Installed? STOP HERE

If you previously installed Procare v10 on your computer and are switching to Procare Cloud, you MUST READ: How to Move from Local Install to Procare Cloud.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure your internet connection meets the Procare Cloud Requirements.
  2. Create a System Restore Point in Windows.
  3. Check for and install all Windows Updates.
  4. If you’re installing on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Server2008, there are required Microsoft/Windows items to install first. See: Required Before Installation.
  5. Temporarily disable all Anti-Virus and Malware software.

Install Client Software for Procare Cloud

Download Software

  • Using Internet Explorer? Click the link and choose “Run” to download, then “Run” a second time to install.
  • Using Firefox? Click the link and choose “Save File” then double-click Setup.exe in your “Downloads” list and choose “Run”.

You’ll install the client software for Procare onto each computer, laptop, Procare Touch or tablet computer that will use the Procare Cloud service.

INSTALLATION KEY: During installation you’ll be asked to enter your Installation Key Number (from the “Welcome to the Procare Cloud” email you received). Use this same number (and the same “download” link above) for each computer that will run Procare.

At the end of the installation, a Procare shortcut will appear on your desktop. If you answered “yes” to using this as a check-in computer, you’ll also have a second shortcut for Procare Check In.

Your Next Steps

When you’re just starting out there are some basic things you’ll need to do.

  1. Once you’ve installed Procare you’ll need to Log In for the First Time.
  2. Then configure your overall settings for Procare including the Names of Your Locations and the People Who Use Procare (including yourself).
  3. Use the License Configuration screen to enable the Procare modules (Family Data, Family Accounting, etc.) you want to use at each location.
  4. Then you’re ready to get to work with the Family Data module or Convert Data from version 9.1.Tuition Express: See special instructions to Convert Tuition Express.

Learn To Use Procare

Get the most from Procare with Online Learning Tools:

  • Watch a recorded or Attend a live free Webinar.
  • Use the Search for any questions you might have.