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Q: What is the maximum length of a question?
A: 150 characters (for both tracking and UDFs, when using the “tooltip” for the question).

Q: What is the maximum length of an answer a parent can type in a UDF text field?
A: 255 characters.

Q: Can hidden accounts still access MyProcare?
A: Yes. They may need to print end-of-year tax summaries, look up information, etc.

Q: If I (center) really wants to block a parent’s access, what do I do?
A: The center will need to delete the parent’s email address. Of course if you delete their email you (center) won’t be able to email them either.

Q:How does a parent get their confirmation code resent?
A: If parent doesn’t receive their confirmation code, it likely went to their spam folder. To have it resent, the parent simply tries to log in again with the same email address and it will send a new confirmation code.