How to run Procare using a tablet computer, or similar handheld device.

Procare & Windows

Procare and its associated programs (Check In screen, Time Clock, Keyless Entry, etc.) must be run on a computer that uses a standard desktop version of Windows, such as Windows 8, Windows 7, or Vista (see System Requirements). However, you can access Procare from another device such as a tablet, iPad, or other handheld computer by remotely connecting to a Windows computer on which Procare is installed. Note: You can install Procare directly on tablets with a full version of Windows 8 (not Windows RT, which looks like Windows 8, but isn’t).

Possible Uses

You may wish to check people in using the Receptionist Check In feature or allow them to Check In on their own. Either option could be helpful when using a tablet computer at a drop off or pick up area. If you choose to have people check themselves in it will be necessary to use the Person ID with Password option since USB fingerprint and card readers are not compatible with remote connections.

Remote Access to Your Procare Computer

These steps are intended as a conceptual outline of how this process could work. Please be aware that Procare Support cannot assist you with remote connections or the use of tablets or other handheld devices.

Note: A Windows 8 Pro tablet can connect directly to Procare, just like any other desktop computer. A remote (RDP) connection is not needed.

  1. The computer you will connect to (known as the “host”) must support a remote connection. Remote connections use either RDP (remote desktop protocol) or VNC (virtual network connection). Most computers running a Windows Business edition have RDP built in, however those running Windows Home editions typically do not. If your computer does not include built in RDP capability you can download VNC software to accomplish the same thing.
  2. Choose a Remote Control Application to use on your tablet or handheld device (known as the “client”) that is compatible with the “host”. If the host uses RDP, the client application must support RDP. There are many different programs available depending on your device. Some may be free, while others may not.
  3. Remotely connect to your Procare computer on your local area network (LAN). Open Procare itself or the Check In screen.
  4. Use Procare (or Check In) as normal, just as though you were at the actual Procare computer.

Note: When you connect remotely to another computer you are taking over that computer, such that no one else may use it, while you are connected.