Persons in the System Supervisor User Group may control which reports and data views are available (and the order in which they appear) by using Report Management settings. Settings are available for both “Single School” reporting (one location at a time) and “Corporate Reports”(combined reports and views which show information from multiple locations).

Getting There

  1. From the Procare Home screen select Configuration > System > Program Customization.
  2. Dbl-click one of the following:
    1. Corporate Standard Report Management
    2. Corporate Data Viewer Management
    3. Standard Report Management (Single School)
    4. Data Viewer Management (Single School)
    5. MyProcare Report Management

Control which Reports and Data Views are Available & their Order

A check mark indicates a report (or data view) that is available for use from the Reports menu within the main part of Procare, for example from the main screen of Family Data & Accounting.

  1. To disable a report or data view (hide it from the Reports menu) remove the check mark next to its name. When reports are disabled they are hidden from all school locations and all User Group levels. To enable a report or data view (show it on the Reports menu) place a check mark next to its name.
    Procare: Report Management Screen
    Hint: To disable an entire section of reports (or data views) remove the check mark from the category heading. For example, say you did not print address labels from Procare and wanted to hide that entire section – you would remove the check on the Address Label heading and all reports within that section would automatically be unchecked.
  2. To change the order in which the reports (or data views) appear click once on the name of a report to select it, then use the Up & Down arrows to move the report to the desired position.
    Procare: Up/Down Arrows
    Hint: You may also change the order of the report (or data view) sections, for example if you wanted to Address Labels above or below other types of reports. To do so click once on the Address Labels heading then use the Up & Down arrows to move the entire section.
  3. Click Save > Exit.

Sort Reports in their Original (default) Order

If you have changed the order of individual reports or report sections and wish to return to the original factory default settings click the Sort button. This feature is available for reports only – not Data Viewer.
Procare: Sort Button