You may send email to families, employees or vendors (with or without attachments) directly through Procare if you use Microsoft Outlook® or an email program that supports SMTP (like gmail).

Before You Begin

Before you send email through Procare you must Set Up Email Options.

Getting There / Select Families, Employees, Vendors

The steps below are for email sent to families, however the process is nearly identical when sending email to employees or vendor contact people.

  1. Optional: Use the Select Filter to include only families to whom you wish to send this email, such as those with children in a certain classroom. You’ll be able to choose individual people from the filtered list before sending the email.
    See also: Filter Employees, Filter Vendors
  2. From the main screen of Family Data & Accounting click Functions > Family Data > Email Accounts.
    Note: From Employee Data go to Functions > Email Employees. From Expenses & Ledger go to Functions > Email Vendors.

Using Email Accounts

At the Email Accounts screen (or Email Employees, Email Vendors):

  1. Enter a Subject Line for the email.
  2. In the Email Message box type the actual text that will appear in the body of the email. If you are attaching a file it’s a good practice to mention it in the message like: “Attached please see the announcement for our Spring Carnival”.
  3. To attach a file (optional) click the paper clip button and browse to the location of the file on your computer, such as a .pdf, word document, etc. Only one item can be attached per email.
    Hint: You may need to choose All files (*.*) as the file type if you are attaching something other than a .pdf.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select the people to whom you wish to send this email. For families you may select the Primary and/or Secondary Payers (usually mom and dad). Check the box at the top of the column to select everyone in that column.
    Note: Names shown in pink/red either do not have an email address at all or the address is not in a valid format. These people cannot be selected.
  6. Select a Log Sheet Type (optional) like “Letter Printed/Emailed” if you want a record of sending this email entered on the Log Sheet of each account.
    Note: The contents of the email is not recorded in the log, just the fact that the email was sent.
  7. Click Send.
    Note 1: A record of the message should appear in your email “Sent” folder. The message is sent as a Blind Carbon Copy (BCC) so people receiving the text cannot see anyone else to whom it was sent and just one email appears in your “Sent” folder.
    Note 2: If you are using Outlook, you may get a message that a program is trying to send email on your behalf. Be sure to answer Yes.

Outlook Asks to Send Over & Over

You may find that Outlooks asks repeatedly for permission to send each individual email. This is a function of Outlook and is not controlled by Procare. However, you may choose to install a third party utility. See article Advanced Settings for Outlook.