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How to set up family accounts and billing information when parents are divorced, separated, or otherwise paying separately for the same children.

Separate Payers for Same Child

When two or more people pay separately for the same child each person must be set up as the Primary Payer on their own separate account.This way each person will have their own account history with the amounts charged, paid and due for which they are responsible.

  1. Create a New Account for each party, for example one for mom and another for dad.
    Note: If you already have one account with both payers on it, remove the secondary payer and add them as an existing person as the Primary Payer on their own account. Also, add the children on the second account as existing people as in step 2b below.
  2. Add the same child to each account. It doesn’t matter which account you add them to first, however you do want the system to recognize them as the same child. To do so:
    1. For the first account choose “Add New Child“.
    2. For the second account (or any additional accounts) choose “Add Existing Person” (image below) because the child is now already in the system.
  3. In the Billing Box set up the fees to be charged to each account by choosing the appropriate Ledger Card (examples below). Since the Billing Box is tied to the child it doesn’t matter which account is displayed when you access the Billing Box screen.