Use Edit Register to mark old transactions as having previously been reconciled or to unreconcile an item (deposit, check or journal entry) that was reconciled by mistake or needs to be voided/changed. Previously reconciled items will have a “lock” indicating they cannot be voided, etc. Once they are unreconciled the lock is removed.

Getting There

From the main screen of Expenses & Ledger go to Functions > Reconcile Bank Accounts.

Using Edit Register

At the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen:

  1. Choose your Bank Account at the top.
  2. Click the Edit Register button (lower left).
  3. At the Bank Account Register screen:
    1. Select All Items (top left) or choose to view only items posted during certain dates (using All by date).
      Hint: Use the Report button (lower left) to print a list of all displayed items (from all tabs) showing their current status of reconciled (checked) or unreconciled (unchecked).
    2. Click the appropriate tab like Deposits, Other Credits, Checks or Other Debits.
    3. Sort the items (optional) by clicking a header like Post Date, Type, Amount, etc. Hold the Shift Key (on your keyboard) and click a second header to use a dual sort – for example to sort by Post Date and Amount.
    4. To show old items as reconciled: Place a check next to items that have been previously reconciled outside of Procare. DO NOT include items that you will reconcile on your current bank statement.
    5. To unreconcile an item: Remove the check mark. This will also remove the “lock” so the item may be voided, etc. if needed.
    6. Click Save > Exit. You’ll return to the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen.
  4. Click Exit to leave the Reconcile Bank Accounts screen. You may see a “Reconciliation Incomplete” message asking if you want to save your changes and finish later. You may click Save or Cancel. Since you haven’t begun an actual reconciliation yet it won’t matter.

What’s Next?

See: How to Reconcile for the First Time